Lannion.  Two children save a grandmother’s life

Lannion. Two children save a grandmother’s life

Sylvie Le Calvez accompanied by her dog Tif in Lannion. © Le Tregor

Sylvie Le Calvez lives in a small house, Lannion. She is happy grandma his two little girls, Lilou, 11 years oldand Luna, 8 years old.

Her daughter spends Saturday, September 3, at home accompanied by her two granddaughters. Under the blows 7 o’clock in the evening., Lilou and Louna’s mother Tifa, Sylvia’s dog goes for a walk. In fact, Sylvie cannot move with much energy because she is affected by it brittle bone disease since his 20s.

Disorientation and loss of consciousness

Like every night, as soon as the nurse leaves, Sylvie Le Calvez gets into bed to perform a sting and take his medication.

Not everything goes according to plan. Does a In the wrong direction and can’t breathe.

Lilou and Louna immediately notice that the situation is abnormal. Their grandmother suddenly loses consciousness.

“Very surprisingly at that moment I saw my recently deceased brother in my dreams. I saw it as flashes with a few people. My brother ordered me to wake up…”

Sylvie Le Calvez

First aid measures provided

Suddenly, Sylvie is still unconscious, but she hears a very familiar voice, “Grandma! Grandmother! Stay with me ! »

Lilou raised her grandmother’s hands in the air to ” open the bronchi“, he begins to practice first aid gestures.

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Since nothing works, Lilou has a very quick overview to place Sylvie lateral safety position and call on firemen.

Louna jumped to the extreme over the fence go and alert the neighbor. Fortunately, his neighbor’s sister is at home.

“It seems she didn’t let go of me when the firemen intervened. »

Sylvie Le Calvez

A few minutes pass and the fire department arrives. Sylvie hears Louna and Lilou’s voices calling her again.

Suddenly he lets out a moan and regains consciousnessE. a hoarse cry allowing firefighters to understand the cause of Sylvie’s condition.

On the evening of September 3, the dog Tifa was very afraid of his owner.  Now they won't let go more than the sole.
On the evening of September 3, the dog Tifa was very afraid of his owner. Now they won’t let go more than the sole. © Le Tregor

From them oxygen cylinders and inhaler bottle pass there.

“They broke my rib and my sternum still hurts, but I thank them for their intervention,” Sylvie says very sheepishly.

“But I’m here, alive. I seem to have stayed 2 hours of unconsciousness“I don’t know about that,” he continues with a mischievous look. AND quite an infallible sense of humorand would allow see everyday life in a completely different way according to her.

“They kept their cool”

A few years ago, Sylvie learned this first aid action his daughter. Luckily, a few years later, this repeat the script with his.

“The first gestures should be transferred to children from kindergarten. It is almost innate to them to learn them and remember them for a long time, it is like brushing their teeth and washing their hands. They know how to spot danger very quickly. Especially when we know that currently there are too few people in our country who know these gestures. »

Sylvie Le Calvez

He emphasizes: “My granddaughters kept their cool. I’m proud of them. Their reflexes and gestures of first aid, which they did not hesitate to lavish on me, saved my life. »

wishes Sylvie Le Calvez Thank you very much to the firefighters, her neighbor’s sisterfor their contribution.

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