Lack of gasoline.  Has the situation at Toulouse gas stations returned to normal?

Lack of gasoline. Has the situation at Toulouse gas stations returned to normal?

What is the situation at gas stations in Toulouse on Wednesday 26 October 2022? (©AS / Lorraine News / Illustration)

In mid-October we had to be patient go fill A significant shortage of petrol hit much of the country at the time and Toulouse was no exception to the rule with many gas stations in trouble. What about, before the gates of November?

A few days ago in the red

The images spoke for themselves around October 15th, when a few liters of fuel had turned into a several-hour wait, sometimes until late at night, but above all sometimes… for nothing! Only diesel only at some gas stations E10 and SP98 in others: many sectors were still fueling that morning their empty stocks in a few hours!

The end of favoritism: the first good signal

Another symbol of the difficulty for Toulouse residents to refuel: the list preferred motorists introduced by the prefect, October 12, 2022. Firefighters, rescuers, police officers, veterinarians, but also other professions benefited from the so-called priority access, at certain times, v several gas stations from the Pink City and surroundings.

extended on many occasions the measure was final stopped on Tuesday, October 25, “in view of the gradual improvement of the situation”, according to the prefecture of Haute-Garonne. Prohibition on the purchase of fuel packed in a canister was also raised.

What is the situation ?

At 1:30 p.m.this Wednesday, October 26, 2022, according to the map of the Ministry of Economy about the situation of gas stations in real time, an improvement over the previous week It is clear. The industries offering diesel and several fuels are much more numerous:

  • Avia, avenue Jean Chaubet (all fuels)
  • Intermarché, avenue de Fronton (all fuels)
  • Carrefour Purpan, route de Bayonne (all fuels)
  • Intermarché, chemin de Ferro-Lébrès (Diesel, E10, SP98)
  • Total, 222 route de Saint-Simon (Diesel, E10, SP98)
  • Avia, avenue de Rangueil (Diesel, E10, SP98)
  • Esso, rue du Faubourg Bonnefoy (Diesel, E10, SP98)
  • Total, road to Albi (Diesel, E10, SP98)
  • Total, 55 boulevard de Suisse (Diesel, E10, SP98)
  • Total, Purpan bypass (Diesel, E10, SP98)
  • Total, Western Bypass (Diesel, E10, SP98)
  • Total, avenue de Grande-Bretagne (Diesel, E10, SP98)
  • Avia, 58 route de Narbonne (Diesel, E10, SP98)
  • Avia, 68 route de Revel (Diesel, E10, SP98)
  • Auchan, road to Gabardie (Diesel, E10, SP98)
  • Total, boulevard des Minimes (Diesel, E10, SP98)
  • Dyneff, avenue de Lespinet (Diesel, SP95, SP98)
  • Junction, rue Claudius Rougenet (Diesel, SP95, SP98)
  • Junction, route de Seysses (Diesel, SP95, SP98)
  • Avia, avenue de Castres (Diesel, SP95, E10)
  • Giant, instead of Edouard Bouillères (Diesel, E10)
  • Kai station, 353 avenue des Etats-Unis (diesel only)
  • Total, 103 boulevard de Suisse (diesel only)
  • Total, boulevard de Thibaud (diesel only)
  • Total, road to Spain (diesel only)
  • Esso, 90 route de Revel (E10 only)

At other stations, no fuel availablethis wednesday at noon:

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  • Esso, 105 route de Narbonne
  • A total of 328 route de Saint-Simon
  • Esso, avenue Yves Brunaud
  • Esso, 341 United States Avenue
  • Total, Demoiselles alleys
  • All in all, a trip to Agde

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