La Baule region: after the IME and the first diploma in his pocket, Ismaël wants to work to feel useful

La Baule region: after the IME and the first diploma in his pocket, Ismaël wants to work to feel useful

Ismaël Benbelkacem is 18 years old and is looking for a company in which he will feel good for the work-study program Maintenance and hygiene of premises with CFA ©Patricia Bigot

At the age of 18, Ismaël Benbelkacem is very proud to have obtained his first diploma. His clean record is his first win over a handicap.

Proof that despite everything, you can move forward in your professional project.

This certificate issued by the company CFA/Haes of Saint-Nazaire, a training center for cleaning trades, is the first step for a young man to enter working life.

Inserted in IME at age 10

I came here to IME when I was 10 years old. I attended pedagogical and educational workshops and was in an inclusive class at the Jules Verne College in Pouliguen.


The young man from Saint-Gildas-des-Bois was destined for the profession of confectioner. On the creative side, however, time constraints led him to other goals.

Rally to “Defend Public Hospital”

Without direct connection to this affair, the local unions CGT, FSU and Solidaires are calling for a rally on Thursday 22 September 2022 in front of the Cité Sanitaire as part of a national movement. “After a particularly harsh and dramatic summer, as in most facilities, Saint Nazaire Hospital did not escape its share of closing beds, reducing emergency room capacity, delaying care by extending appointment times,” the unions state.
“There is still a serious shortage of doctors, nurses, health care assistants, ASHQ, administrative staff and those who remain on hand are on the brink. Medics cannot express their anger because they are understaffed on a daily basis and systematically asked to perform a mission for which they no longer have the resources. »

He is addressed by the MHL workshop Maintenance and hygiene of premises, provided as part of the initiation and first professional training of the IME association Jeunesse et avenir (with upholstery sewing, painting, recycling and gardens and green areas and restoration).

Handing over his purity certificate is a suggestion from his educators. He felt capable of it.

“I’m happy to be useful”

In addition to visiting Haesa in Saint-Nazaire, Ismaël learned various cleaning techniques with his technical educator Dominique Perrais. They participate in training places for individuals and companies.

Videos: currently on Actu

I’m happy to be useful. Cleaning is also meeting other people. And having good contacts is important to me. I like to leave a good impression. We don’t just do housework, we have a place in the company.


Looking for a boss

His practical experience this year at Olys cleanliness in Savenay and Soltisse in Pontchâteau brought him a lot: “There I learned life skills, know-how and the ability to analyze. Three things that always work for me. »

Four young people from the SIPFP IME in Pouliguen received a certificate of purity this year
Four young people from the SIPFP IME Pouliguen obtained a certificate of purity this year ©Patricia Bigot

From now on, with this Pass obtained at the same time as three other young people, Lila, Thomas and Yoan, Ismaël will be looking for a boss to go to a one-year work study program in collaboration with the CFA.

“For now, I’m multiplying the internships to find the company where I feel the best… And I’ll pass the driving test”


In this next challenge, the young man intends to succeed.

A card that gives young people confidence

The certificate of purity has been offered to young people from IME Jeunesse et avenir since 2017. They spend six months discovering and verifying different phases, often in a company, before embarking on a work and study program of purity with CFA Haesa in Saint-Nazaire. . An opportunity for them to assess whether the professional project suits them in terms of technical skills and limitations. 17 won it in five years.
“100% of those who made it to the end of the course got it. Most are still working in their businesses. For them it is the first degree. It gives confidence. They show that they are capable,” emphasizes Dominique Perrais, a technical educator specialized in MHL (premises maintenance and hygiene).
Of the 17, more than half signed a contract to work and study in cleaning, the rest turned to other sectors of activity or to Esat (specialized work assistance facility).
The experience pushes the SIPFP section (Initiation and First Professional Training Section) of the IME in Pouliguen, which welcomes 62 young people between the ages of 14 and 20, to envision the same type of certification for garden crafts for 2023.

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