La Baule: convicted of possession of child pornography videos, did not know “not that it was prohibited”

La Baule: convicted of possession of child pornography videos, did not know “not that it was prohibited”

On October 25, 2022, a resident of La Baule was convicted of possession of child pornography videos. ©Mélissa DUPIN

With the help of an interpreter, a man who has been deaf since birth easily recognizes the facts: “Yes, it’s my fault, I’m ashamed of it. In November 2020, the police intervened in the house of this resident Baule (Loire-Atlantique) to seize his computers and use them.

Videos of naked children

The operation, which investigators carried out after monitoring the Internet from May to August 2020. A 53-year-old man, father of two childrenhas hundreds of files, images and videos with child pornography.

Images shown by the President during the hearing October 25, 2022 at the court of Saint-Nazaire.

There are also a large number of videos with naked children, children with adults and children with animals.

the president of the court

“I did stupid things,” the defendant explains. “Those are misdemeanors, sir,” the president replies dryly.

Imperfect knowledge of the forbidden

Without a criminal record, the Baulois conducted numerous searches on the Internet by entering “pedo” in particular as a keyword.

why? “I don’t know how to explain it out of curiosity. I was bored. I don’t have a boyfriend and I’m looking for someone, but I can’t find one. “I haven’t seen anyone since my breakup in 2012,” says the former school catering cook, fired after an affair that left her with no contact with the children.

The defendant’s psychiatric evaluation does not reveal any mental illness, neurosis or addiction, but “imperfect knowledge of the prohibition”.

Videos: currently on Actu

“The parents explained to me that it was forbidden to babysit, but I didn’t know why. It was like an addiction when I masturbated. I then deleted the files. It was at the time of the breakup that I started watching these videos,” explains the father, who has never touched his children.

“From 2020, it’s over. I’m afraid that the police will catch me and put me in jail,” he adds shamefacedly.

“There’s a line between watching and playing”

For his part, the defense attorney claims:

“Sordid will always be a recipe for man, but these drives must be curbed. His curiosity is shared by many people. But there must be a criminal code to recall this prohibition. My client is isolated by his disability. He lives alone. In this man, the immaturity is comparable to the immaturity of his children. He is an adult who has not been confronted with sex education. »

And adds:

We understand that this lack of education is the actor behind this disgusting curiosity. But there’s a cap between watching and playing that he’s never crossed and never will. He will be marked by this story for the rest of his life.


6 months suspended sentence

For the prosecutor, “these found files serve to satisfy his sexual desires. He needs to understand that his actions are harming minors being exploited by networks. Obviously, this is something that is not integrated.

It requires an application for follow-up care in the face of this addiction, 6 months in prison with a conditional suspension of probation, a ban on activities in contact with minors under 5 years old, registration in the registry of sex or violent offenders (Fijais) and confiscation of computers.

Application followed by court.

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