Jubilee case.  Childhood, early days, honeymoon, life with Delphine… Cédric exposes himself

Jubilee case. Childhood, early days, honeymoon, life with Delphine… Cédric exposes himself

Since his time in solitary confinement, Cédric Jubillar has changed his appearance and is left with a beard. But the judges’ questions, Friday, September 23, 2022, should be well removed from her recent hair experiences. (©Facebook/Archive)

He just spent his second birthday behind bars. Last Wednesday, Cédric Jubillar celebrated his 35th birthday.

Accused of murdering (which he denies) his wife Delphinemysteriously disappeared on the night of December 15-16, 2020 from their flag Cagnac-les-Mines (Tarn), painter-plasterer must be heard by the investigating magistrates in Toulouse on Friday 23 September 2022.

On gendarmes who heard judges who tried it dog experts (psychologist and psychiatrist) who probed him during the investigation, the craftsman mentioned his childhoodhis relationship with his mother, his meeting Delphinefamily life… Immerse yourself ten steps into the small world of Cédric Jubillar.

#1. Childhood

Cédric Jubillar lived to his 2 years with his mother before he was placed. In his words, he never really “knew why.” Lack of communication with Nadine? However, he remembers her visits host family who received him until he was 7 years old in Castelnaudary (Aude).

#2. school

From the age of 7 to 13, he attended Castelnaudary primary school, then Albi (Tarn) high school, until 4.E. His will begin to manifest rebellious character. starts smoking skip the clock. The school rejects him. “Staying all day to listen to the teacher, because of useless things…” The new placement is decided by the child referee. AND rebellious child plagued by vicissitudes and unstable family life.

skips school falls into hemp. He admits he was expelled from three universities different. “I did anything. His maternal grandfather remains his guardian figure. He then spent every weekend at his house near Castelnaudary. “I made the 400 shots there.

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#3. adolescence

for Cedric, his adolescence is “extra”. Friends, party all weekend… A week at his host family in Montauban. At the weekends at my parents’ in Albi (his mother Nadine is in a relationship with a man she still considers her father, note ed.). Undergo a moped accident at age 17. Fracture of the clavicle.

This is the time of the first flirtations. His first real girlfriend is not quite of legal age. Entered into apprenticeship at 16. Room painter. Reorientation for the one who boy he dreamed of being a chef. She was still in high school when he met her Delphine Aussaguelat the age of 18.

#4. Meeting Delphine

They go to a party together. “Little Kisses”. Then they find themselves Gaillac nightclub (Tarn). The budding adventure turns into a love story. “It was Delphine’s first romantic relationship.

Two years later they moved to a Apartment Albi. Ten years later, they built their own house in Cagnac – the famous unfinished pavilion. The birth of Louis comes to crown their love before Elyah is born in 2019. Cédric Jubillar dreamed of baptizing his son Commodus and his daughter Clotilda. But Delphine has the final say on the matter.

#5. Her honeymoon

Cédric won his first permanent contract around the age of 22. According to him, his life is centered around Delphine and the children. She has strong memories of her honeymoon. The couple offered themselves 12 days in the Maldiveswith a three-day stopover in Dubai. A bit of madness for 15,000 euros.

He discovers another world. Real estate and architectural excess. Beautiful cars. He dreams of renting a Ferrari or a Lamborghini for a day. Ambition was not shared by his other half.

#6. His time off

Cedric appreciates peach, the peace of a day spent in the middle of nature. He spends a lot of time on his mobile playing online games such as Game of Thrones, which he admits has made his wife extremely angry.

and cinema, whiteness, poker… Cédric participates in tournaments. He also visits often casino. His thing? and black jack.

#7. Couple breakup

Cédric Jubillar probably thought that the child, whom his father did not recognize – whom he calls a parent – was being dragged from children’s homes to foster families. found stability in marriage which always failed him. Or so we imagine. The last six months have been turning into way of the cross.

He admits his “surprise” when Delphine tells him of her intention to divorce. He always claimed that he learned of the existence of the famous lover of Montauban only after the disappearance of the nurse and “in the media”. His wife wants to leave him. His little world is falling apart.

The weight of family breakdown

He lived through multiple separations and reorganizations of his parents. He knows the weight of family breakdown. Feeling like a failure. The emotional instability it causes. No doubt he hopes to win back the mother of his children.

But in the face of a lack of communication in a brain-dead couple, he stands up. “I would never accept an amicable divorce. I had a strong suspicion that he was cheating on me.”

#8. His involvement in the case

Cédric Jubillar experienced his arrest with surprise. He did not expect this detention in June 2021, six months after Delphine’s disappearance. He opposes judges and investigators SR from Toulouse. “They don’t know where to look. They found nothing on me and yet I am locked up,” rewritten Parisianwith reference to the latest psychological expertise.

confides. “I’m still sad about Delphine’s disappearance and I’m still asking myself the same questions. It confirms again: “The gendarmes masked the evidence”. Without measuring or realizing that his lawyers are spending time digging up evidence, there is no one against their client…

#9. His life behind bars

“I live very badly [la prison], especially insulation. I have a TV, hotplates, fridge”. His lawyers visit him regularly. Severine, his (new? ex?) partner, he said, “never had a right to the visiting room.” She says she is writing to her children, Louis and Elyah. This was revealed by his lawyer News from Toulouseat the end of June 2022 his lack of diligence in this matter.

#10. His release from prison

What does Cédric Jubillar intend to do when he gets out of prison, asks the psychologist? “Get a job, any job to have a large apartment that allows me to receive my children. Living at home [de Cagnac]it would cause too much controversy.

But in all cases—convictions of murder at trial or acquittals—he already knows nothing will be the same.

“I’ll never find a job”

“I suffered too much from prison and all that goes with it: a degraded self-image, my name tarnished for life. I know very well that I will never find a job…”.

For a psychologist quoted our colleagues from francietvinfo, the patient “concretes” his speech. “Even very little is shown. no, destabilized nor destabilized”. Cédric Jubillar admits his psychorigid tendencies. “I’m accused of being an antisocial jerk that I am too honest. Friends, they, say I am workerfriendly, jovial. And that I made a mood”. All the ambivalence of Cédric Jubillar in one formula?

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