Jubilee case.  Cédric Jubillar’s request to be released under an electronic bracelet was rejected

Jubilee case. Cédric Jubillar’s request to be released under an electronic bracelet was rejected

Cédric Jubillar’s lawyers should appeal to the investigative chamber of the Toulouse Court of Appeal against the refusal to release their client under an electronic bracelet (©Laurent Derne/Actu Toulouse)

Cedric Jubillard he will not be released from prison on an electronic bracelet. Taken by defense plasterer, the liberty and custody judge de Toulouse again rejected the idea of ​​a hypothetical supervised release.

Accommodation in a village in Occitania

Since this decision falls on Wednesday, September 21, 2022, it’s not really a kicker. and Public Prosecutor’s Office in Toulouse he told us this day to be ourselves “he spoke out clearly against the measure”.

News from Toulouse explained why at the end of last weekhypothesis of Cédric Jubillar at largewhile important procedural steps remain to be taken in this criminal case in which he faces life imprisonmentwas more fantasy than feasibility.

Housing “unlivable”, how is it?

Here, however, the feasibility was highly questioned. This is the equipment of the accommodation – made available to Cédric Jubillar by an acquaintance in a village in Occitania – a remote monitoring system. Mthey are Alexandre Martin, Emmanuelle Franck and Jean-Baptiste Alary asked the courts to study this option.

Findings from Prison Service for Integration and Probation (SPIP) would be final: to our knowledge the accommodation would be considered ‘uninhabitable’ as it stands and a “completely unsatisfactory” situation.

Pre-Rebuild Hearing

Defense certainly does appeal of this decision before Briefing chamber (Chins) of the Court of Appeal in Toulouse, as in the case of the half-dozen requests for release so far rejected.

Waiting, a plasterer who just celebrated his 35th birthday, in the privacy of the isolation area of ​​the Seysses detention center (Haute-Garonne) make an appointment substantive hearing before investigating judgesFriday, September 23, 2022. The last step before AND reconstitution in Cagnac?

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