Josselin: the pair jump to escape the flames, the policeman climbs the wall to save them

Josselin: the pair jump to escape the flames, the policeman climbs the wall to save them

A young couple, trapped on the top floor of a building located on rue de Val d’Oust in Josselin (Morbihan), jumped several meters to escape the flames. ©Ronan Houssin / Le Ploërmelais

AND building of two floors located in rue de Val de d’Oust Josselin (Morbihan) was struck by a fire in the morning Thursday, September 22, 2022. Most of the building’s residents were able to get out before the firefighters arrived. This is not the case for the young couple who were inbe located on the top floor.

Trapped, the two passengers, a young woman and a man in their twenties, had no choice but to jump several meters high escape from flames. City constable in Josselin, David Moulin witnessed this scene. “I was at the level of the walls when I saw a big cloud of smoke. Then I ran to the burning building,” he explained as firefighters were still putting out the fire.

While on the phone with HZS branch operations center du Morbihan, David Moulin looked up at the top of the building. It was there that he saw “two people sitting on the windowsill and ready to jump. »

A policeman assists, helpless, at the jump

After helplessly watching the jump, the municipal constable decided to climb the wall to reach the roof they had jumped to so he could save them. “I was accompanied by David Michel, a technical services employee and castle gardener,” he said, still shocked by the scene he had witnessed.

Three dogs were also caught in the flames. One of them also jumped.

David Moulin, Municipal Constable

Arriving at the height of the two youths, the three men decided to “break down the door” to put them to safety in another house. “Gas cylinders were burning inside the building,” says David Michel.

The injured young woman and her companion were taken into care by firefighters in a state of relative emergency. According to the municipal constable, she had broken both ankles, he was suffering from a pelvis. “He couldn’t move,” according to David Michel.

The mayor praises the work of the city police

At midday, Lt. Col. Ganne reported that two people were being cared for in a state of relative emergency. “No vital prognosis is involved,” he clarifies without saying more.

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The mayor of Josselin, Nicolas Jagoudet, who was present at the scene of the fire, paid tribute to the work of the municipal police constable, the technical services employee and the castle gardener.

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