"It’s dramatic" : a refuge in Toulouse saturated after countless animal abandonments

"It’s dramatic" : a refuge in Toulouse saturated after countless animal abandonments

Toulouse ATPA-SPA faces a very large wave of animal abandonment. (©Illustration / Wikipedia))

In Toulouse, the shelter ATPA-SPA – facing an unprecedented wave of animal abandonment – announces that it is quite simple saturated.


The message on social media couldn’t be clearer. ” Emergency shelter saturated”, is written before other words equally repulsive. “After a wave of abandonments this summer, the shelter is full. Help us save them come and adopt ! “He also took the call Francoise Ampoulange, city ​​councilor responsible for energy recovery and animals in the city. “Transferring a call from the ATPA-SPA shelter in Toulouse.” Do you want to get a pet? Think of them,” he says.

“It’s dramatic, unheard of”

At this retreat, which is completely independent of the SPA, hence the name ATPA (for the Association Toulouseine pour la Protection Animale, proclaimed in 1924), the last few weeks have been sadly historic. The vice-president of the association, Anne-Marie Aubert, uses these alarming words: “It’s dramatic, that is unheard of for years”.

Dogs and cats were welcome… but not only that. Goats, rabbits, pigs: the dead-end paddock that Marie Laurencin saw” 935 animals will arrive between 1ahem May and September 15, 2022. It is double or triple compared to other years, “complains the vice-president of the ATPA-SPA of the Pink City. Whose haven is currently home to more than 400 animals.

“There was a dramatic abandonment. In August, a person who no longer wanted his dog asked his father to take him to the gate of the shelter, but he hung him by the muzzle at the gate of the house. After three days of suffering, the dog died. It happened near of our house and it is an abandonment that is unspeakable, unforgivable. This is not possible at all.

Anne-Marie AubertVice President of ATPA-SPA in Toulouse

Waiting list

How to find a solution? “We can’t push the walls of the refuge,” sighs Anne-Marie Aubert. We are trying to find host families. It has worked well so far. But we have waiting list of families who call us that they cannot keep their animal. We discuss with them the reasons why they want to leave their animal. If it is dramatic, we try to find a solution. If it can wait, we take their count and ask them to wait. »

However, the Vice President recalls the complexity involved in the mission of the ATPA-SPA in Toulouse. “Right now we can’t take it anymore. Worries, we all are in the shelter. But we are against euthanasia, euthanasia of animals to make room is out of the question. »

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Hope remains

If the numbers are chilling and what follows promises to be particularly difficult to face, it is again forbidden to give up. ” We remain hopeful, because we believe in what we do. We have employees who are volunteers,” says Anne-Marie Aubert. On the occasion of the village “Seniors and +”, place du Capitole, will be held stand for ATPA-SPA, Wednesday, September 21, 2022. “I hope people can come and adopt animals. »

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