It is possible to walk in the void on the Souleuvre Viaduct

It is possible to walk in the void on the Souleuvre Viaduct

Killian Boutrois, Operations and Project Manager, Christian Ferrier, Director of Strategy and Development, and Mickaël Mulot, Director of Skyparc Normandie, are pleased to present Skycube. © The Voice-Le Bocage

Perched like this 61m above the void, fear mingles with awe.

On the Souleuvre Viaduct on the La Ferrière-Harrang (Souleuvre-en-Bocage) side, bungee jumping is no longer mandatory to experience the thrill of vertigo.

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In July,sky park company installed its newest attraction: Skycube, a a glass balcony suspended in the void.

Glass cube on top of piles

Tuesday, September 20, 2022on the occasion of its grand opening, guests crossed the footbridge leading to Pilot 2 before taking their first steps on the 12m-long attached grating.

At the end of this metal tower, on the east side, a completely transparent cube 1.80 m square and 48 mm thick offered them a unique experience.

Skycube September 2022
Skycube September 2022 © La Voix-Le Bocage

Beneath their feet and to the horizon, a panoramic view of the Souleuvre valley.

A technical challenge

“The experience is of course safe as the structure can support up to 1.6 tons”, immediately reassures Killian Boutrois, head of operations and projects. “The mission of Skyparc for 3 years now is not only to offer bungee jumping, but to really go on the topic of overcoming yourself. »

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With Mickaël Mulot, the director of the area, he envisioned the transformation of the former Top swing spot into a glass belvedere. “The cantilever structure has been there since 2007, we decided to improve the existing one to give visitors the opportunity to use this point of view, take beautiful photos and face the void a little. […] Skycube is not meant to scare. »

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The site invested €100,000 for it.

“Its very construction was an experience, a real technical challenge”

Christian Ferrier, Director of Strategy and Development.

“With difficult access down the valley, bringing in the materials was a challenge in itself”adds Killian Boutrois. “BM Engineering provided plans and calculations for the construction. Lemarchand produced the structure and Christophe Levage took on the challenge of installing the assembly at a height of 61 meters using a monumental crane. »

Terraces remodeled this winter

At the top of the viaduct, the construction machine appears to be running again. “This winter, we are going to remodel the terraces of the pier and modernize everything so that it is barrier-free even for people with limited mobility. Today, it’s easier to bungee jump someone in a wheelchair than to bring them to a place.” notes the manager.

Skycube September 2022
The Skycube is a fully glazed belvedere, installed 61 m above the void. © The Voice-Le Bocage

After two difficult years due to the health crisis, the 2022 season was good for the Skyparc Normandie team, which saw a +20% turnover compared to 2021.

Skycube, at Souleuvre viaduct, open every weekend and public holidays until November 27. Access to the top of the piles, over footbridge on the La Ferrière-Harang side. €5 per person; free for minors, persons performing activities and their guides.

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