INTERVIEW Security, the former prison, the future stadium in Brest… The main issues on the mayor’s desk

INTERVIEW Security, the former prison, the future stadium in Brest… The main issues on the mayor’s desk

François Cuillandre, Mayor of Brest and President of Brest Métropole. ©Brest party.

We met this Wednesday, September 21, 2022 Francois Cuillandrethe major of the town Brest and the president of the city of Brest Métropole on the occasion of his return to the media. We asked him about projects from that moment.

Brest side: A priority project for the beginning of the school year in Brest?

Francois Cuillandre : There is no priority project, but the one that will consist in the preparation of the budget for 2023 (voted in March), both in the City and in the Metropolis (and it will be like that everywhere, not only in Brest), will be complicated. With expenses (liquids, electricity, gas, material, index point of revalued territorial civil servants) and income without tax leverage, we will have to make arbitrage. The urgency is there. And unlike the state, our budgets must be balanced.

Upcoming project?

The creation of an urban peace brigade is an election commitment of the last campaign. The implementation will take place during the month of October. The place was chosen, rue Comtesse-Carbonnières. Recruitment is underway. In the beginning there will be about ten agents, in the long term about fifteen. It is not a hidden city police, we are in mediation and the will to act for a peaceful city.

As for video security, that is a state requirement that is part of the global treaty we signed. The process is ongoing, but it takes some time. There are quite strict legal rules regarding implantation. We’ll bring our help because it’s a public road and facilities that belong to us, but it’s the state that’s in control. However, I remain skeptical of their usefulness, but I could be wrong. »

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A thorny, delicate, hard-to-implement project?

Future football stadium. A private project that I support and hope will be successful. It is subject to complex legal and financial regulations, compounded by the challenges faced by a public works building, as with all construction today.

Discussions with the leaders of Stade Brestois 29 are ongoing and we really want this project to happen by 2027.

If he doesn’t, we will have to rebuild the Francis-Le Blé stadium and that will cost about 40 million euros. And the work will have to be done in the season, to close the stands so that they can be rebuilt…: these will not be ideal conditions. If new equipment is created, the advantage is that the Francis-Le Blé stadium can be operated until the new one is put into operation.

François Cuillandre, Mayor of Brest and President of Brest Métropole.
François Cuillandre, Mayor of Brest and President of Brest Métropole. ©Brest party.

A project trying to see the light of day?

We are going to restore the project of the old Pontaniou prison. A call for expressions of interest will be announced in the coming weeks. The aim is to gather proposals for the future of the site and to strengthen this heritage. I hope it will be a project led by the private sector with the rules we have set, especially when it comes to respecting memory.

The Polder file is also lying around. This is not a project of the metropolis, but of the region. The state is lagging behind. Emmanuel Macron has to go to Saint-Nazaire tomorrow (Thursday 22 September, editor’s note) for an announcement on marine energy, so we’ll see. We are not in the same world between the French practices, the UK or the Nordic countries.

A project close to your heart?

The project of the second tram line in connection with the above-standard bus transport (BHLS) concerns us the most. These two projects are running in parallel and I would like them to be done at the same time, but if the prices explode, we will have to decide over time. Moving BHLS is a possibility but not decided, it’s too early.

A project for the planet?

In February, we had the first world ocean summit (One ocean summit). Yesterday I talked about this with academics specializing in oceanography present in Brest: what concrete follow-up will this summit have? I hope it remains marked as the beginning of a concrete policy to combat global warming.

Our project here in Brest is to think globally, act locally, as they say. How to act on our scale in the fight against global warming? Of course, we didn’t wait for the war in Ukraine to start or for energy prices to rise, it’s an old story for us.

This morning I was challenged in the city by a resident who complained about the work in the center: we are expanding the urban heating network, which, I remind you, with today’s 55 km, is the most important in the whole of western France.

We have been carrying out energy renovations in schools for several years: five school groups have been completely renovated, e.g. the Hauts-de-Penfeld school was inaugurated at the beginning of the school year.

And we have many other events in this area. It is our small contribution to the fight against global warming, in which every citizen must be an actor.

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