Integration through football, an example of a club that welcomes migrants near Caen

Integration through football, an example of a club that welcomes migrants near Caen

Donning the ES Saint-Aubin jersey on Sunday, the welcome to the Côte de Nacre football club forgot their bumpy roads. (©Philippe RIFFLET)

Saturday, September 24, ES Saint-Aubin-sur-Mera small football club on the Cote de Nacre north of Caen is invited to World Forum “Normandy for Peace”.

The reason? an exemplary action by the association, which welcomes four migrants with bumpy roads to its teams in order to help them on their path of integration with us. An operation made possible by a partnership signed with The Emmaus community of Tailleville.

“More than a club, a family…”

“More than a club, a family…” This slogan is that of ES Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer (Calvados), a small football club like so many in villages and districts. “We came for the competition, but also to meet friends,” warns Théo, a player but also the secretary of the club, which has around forty license holders.

Where ESSA excels is the bond created with the Emmaüs community in Tailleville and its strong desire to play the role of a social actor.

The whole community benefits from their adventures in the field

Every Sunday, four companions, migrants in a difficult administrative situation, accommodated in the community, dress like this ESSA yellow-blue tunic. Mohammed, Bashir, Raymond and Sister we are proud to belong to this football family. The mates with their bumpy pitches want to give their best when playing for their club.

And they are proud to talk about their match when they come home on Sunday night…” says the community social worker. “They talk about their victories, defeats, how they played… They are all companions who benefit from their experiences…

NataliaEmmaus Community Social Worker

In the community that welcomes them, the aim is to give associates “a new impulse, we help them restructure by working for the benefit of those who come to shop, for many even in the galley…” sums up the social worker. “Through their work, companions find a place in society, they are useful to others. And the partnership with Saint-Aubin Football Club reinforces this feeling like we fit in somewhere into social life…”

“He’s the captain, he’s my friend…”

This Tuesday evening the B team of Entente Sportive Saint-Aubinaise is playing a friendly match. Three Emmaus associates are in the workforce. The fourth is unable to play but has come by bike to see his friends and support his team. When Mohameda grabs Theo by the shoulders, he flashes a huge smile, “that’s the captain, that’s my friend…”

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They don’t have Zidane’s talent but they are good…

Four migrants have their place in the club. They don’t have the talent of Zidane or M’Bappé but they are “charged” and above all they want to give back to the club what it brings to them: consideration, friendship and solidarity.

In winter, when it rains and the end of the road between the community and the stadium is not very pleasant, often the boys from the club stop in Tailleville to take them to training…

TheoSecretary and player of EC Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer

And when they get back there after training, the Fellowship cook has everything planned and has prepared a tray of food for them, since dinner time has long passed.

See you on Saturday at the football challenge…

On Saturday, September 24, the companions and volunteers of the club will be at the front of the stage and will participate in moments of exchanges in the Agora Ouest-France-Liberté, Cherry on the cake, ES Saint-Aubin and its friends have prepared a small surprise for everyone who wants play with them… All football fans are expected at the stand around 2:00 p.m. Lots of prizes to win !

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