In this new gym in Caen, we build muscles with electrostimulation

In this new gym in Caen, we build muscles with electrostimulation

Jérémy launched his electrostimulation room in Caen. © DR

It is sports Hall not like others. Get off the heavy machinery to pull up or ride a bike. Two screens were placed only in a small room located on 26 avenue of June 6 in Caen (Calvados). The manager is Jérémy Poulin. He opened Stim’Up Oct 10, 2022. His specialty? Electrostimulation.

Exercise 8 muscle zones

This is where athletes get dressed special clothes (shorts and T-shirt included) as well as a chest tank top, arm and thigh warmers and a buttock belt. of sensors they are then plugged in and connected to the machine.

The goal is to work on 8 muscle zones of the body at the same time: glutes, arms, thighs, abs, back muscles and chest muscles.

Jeremy Poulin

He adjusts according to Jérémy’s needs and feelings small landfills sent to muscles during electrical stimulation, from tickling to actual contraction.

Electrostimulation and exercise

“The session lasts 20 minutes but we don’t sit there and do nothing. I prepare physical exercises perform at the same time”, specifies the sports coach. “20 minutes of electrostimulation corresponds to 4 hours of voluntary contractions,” he adds. It is necessary to calculate 24 euros per session and 96 euros for 4 sessions.

Increasing muscle strength, relieving back pain or slimming the silhouette, electrostimulation can be practiced for several reasons. “The results are faster and more profound,” explains this former athlete, who used electrostimulation during his athletic years.

Stim’up: 26 avenue du 6 juin in Caen. Open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 2 pm and from 4 pm to 8 pm and on Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm. Website. facebook page.

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