In the Pleubian they have a painted portrait of the elderly and it is beautiful

In the Pleubian they have a painted portrait of the elderly and it is beautiful

It required a large wall to display the 42 photographs of the residents of the Maison du Launay in Pleubian! In the photo, part of the residents, standing on the right, Carine Osborn, director, on the right Martine Kaczmareck, photographer and resident’s daughter. © La Presse d’Armor

HAS pleural (Côtes-d’Armor), the old people of Ehpad bare themselves on the walls of the residence. They had their portrait taken by a photographer amateur, Martine Kaczmarek, resident’s daughter.

On the occasion of her mother Suzette Debreyer’s centenary, she thought of photographing all the residents of Launay House. And the result is as unique as the movement.

studio atmosphere

After the meeting, the director of the company, Carine Osbornová, agreed to start this cooperation. We had to organize ourselves and, above all, present the project to the residents, then create a suitable place for this activity” studio atmosphere », background, mirror, accessories…

And then comes confidence building, for some people it’s never easy to get their picture taken, we influence our self-image.

The photographer Martine and the director knew how to do it according to the comments, the latter seems to have made people discover the clown in them and the residents were delighted.

An impressive result

These shots were taken at the end of August. The result is impressivethe photos are beautiful, the residents do not regret taking this adventure.

Mother Martine is “rejuvenated, it must be said that I was confident “.

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The challenge of this project was not only to photograph, but also make a gift it was worth the effort to his son or daughter.

A photo of a couple and a photo of two great girlfriends were added to these 40 photos, i.e. 43 photographed people out of 55.

Golden frame for centenarians

Photo framing is black and for centenarians wisdom binds, golden framethis is the case of Georgette Meleder (100 years old), Odette Balcou (106 years old), Suzette Debreyer (100 years old).

These photos will be sold and the proceeds will be donated to the “Tud Ar Vro” association, which manages the animation activities.

The exhibition can be seen until the end of the year during the opening hours of the residence.

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