In the fight against pancreatic cancer, Yvelinois is cycling across Canada from west to east

In the fight against pancreatic cancer, Yvelinois is cycling across Canada from west to east

Thomas, a resident of Poigny-la-Forêt, traveled 8,750 km across Canada for pancreatic cancer research. (©Wind_in_the_back)

Resident of Poigny-la-Forêt, v south of Yvelines, Thomas Gilbert set a challenge that succeeded: to get together Vancouver to Quebec by bike in 90 days or 5,500 km. SoYvelinois she continued on her way to Halifax (in Nova Scotia)It is Mileage 8,750 km from May 25 to September 6, 2022.

Fund pancreatic cancer research

“I wanted this adventure to be useful for society,” Thomas explains modestly, setting himself €2 per 1km. The one who had already planned to cycle across Canada launched a jackpot to benefit pancreatic cancer research.

These funds will be provided Gustave Roussy Institute in Villejuif. As we close this issue, Thomas has raised €14,695 during his journey through online donations as well as cash. He hopes donations will increase, with collections open until September 26.

See you in Poigny on Friday, September 23

The evening takes place on Friday 23 September at 20:30 at the village hall of Poigny-la-Forêt. Thomas will talk about his journey and there will still be time to participate in the sweat.

If you chose pancreatic cancer, it is not related to his personal story, but because “we don’t know how to deal with it and we discover it late”. All funds raised will be used for a study that would allow the disease to be detected earlier.

Overcoming yourself

adventure Thomas’ philanthropy also responds to a personal need to overcome oneself, to fulfill one’s own limits.

“I made a way for me. I wanted to experience homelessness and a change from the usual comfort,” he notes cyclist who kept a travel journal Facebook and instagram (wind_in_the_back).

Armed with his bike (15kg) and luggage (35kg), Thomas set off after only training on his bike around Poigny-la-Forêt.

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“It was very difficult at times, but I never thought of giving up,” says Thomas.

The adventurer spent one night out of three with the locals, then it was easy to take a shower. But most of the time the cyclist did wild camping.

But the adventure also allowed him to make touching encounters.

Human adventure

I got donations from people who weren’t necessarily rich, especially a homeless guy from Winnipeg. I haven’t necessarily received large amounts, but Canadians are passionate about giving. It is not a sacrifice for them.

Thomas Gilbert

He found money deposited in his absence on a bicycle, but also received donations at traffic lights.

Those who work in the automotive industry also experienced strong moments with those who offered them accommodation and food. This is especially the case with the cyclist who welcomed him into his family for three days.

He, in remission from cancer, took his first bike ride after cancer alongside Thomas and accompanied him for 95 km.

of beautiful storiesmoments of life, Thomas can tell for hours.

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