In St-Jean-Brévelay, Celvia Dinde has to adapt to multiculturalism

In St-Jean-Brévelay, Celvia Dinde has to adapt to multiculturalism

Active participation of 400 employees in civic theater exercises. © Gazette of the center of Morbihan.

Director Christophe Grimm is in his sixth year at the helm of the Brevel branch and his second annual “Health Prevention” week is dedicated to all his employees.

Such an action seems necessary to him by directly addressing its 450 employees, bringing together around twenty nationalities.

“We have noticed that there are communication issues, especially in relation to the multicultural nature of our staff on site, which can create potential tensions.

Christophe Grimm, director of Celvia Dinde.

Difficulties in passing on instructions, poor understanding of the French language, difficulties in communication between employees and their hierarchy… “Just like in 2021, we want to give meaning to our actions, to improve our visibility and working conditions, to understand life. Only 10% of our work is felling. We expect European regulations, as evidenced by the creation of a future building of 2,000 ha dedicated to a living waterfront”.

“Hello” in seven languages!

The three-day entertainment program included a photo contest on the topic “From a favorite place where I come from” created by employees through an internal vote.

A huge world map was detailed at the entrance to the tent geographical origin of agents. In their dining room and lounge, a word “Hello” is translated into seven languages from English to Spanish via Arabic, Eritrean, Comorian or Romanian. Playful exercise is in the same room improvisational theatre carried by Saint-Avé actors of the Ydith group allowed Celvia agents to integrate some secrets of verbal or non-verbal communication for themselves or their hierarchy.

HR team, organizer.  From left to right: Charlotte Le Clère, Stéphane Caillebot, Boris Dletang, Christophe Grimm, Léa (trainee) and Pascal Laurent, in front of a map of the intercultural world.
The organizing team: Charlotte Le Clère, Stéphane Caillebot, Boris Dletang, Christophe Grimm (Dt), Charlène Le Guévello, Léa (trainee) and Pascal Laurent in front of the intercultural world map. © Gazette of the center of Morbihan.

Eight theater performances in the form of civic theater in groups of 40-50 people about communication situations arising from the factory that were revealed to them the usefulness of clearly expressing their problems and solve them as a team and with your manager without taboos.

“Living together”

At the same time, a health event organized by a temporary partner was launched with a quiz competition, the intervention of the FASTT truck, the accompaniment of part-time workers on risk hunting extended to all aa employees fall simulator on one level, they made it possible to complete the aforementioned range of risk prevention measures in 2021.

Videos: currently on Actu

and live together the wishes of the management and the entire human resources team came true on the last day at the barbecue lunch of the symbolic poultry product. An opportunity to bring together all the forces from Brevel, employees and managers, to invite twenty partners of the operation and team members from other Bignan sites.

Exchanges continued about husbandry practices with the turkey farmer, bringing in his morning chickens and around another exhibition of photographs describing three Brittany farms. In the midst of all these guests, two translators from five languages, Carmen and Florin Vermelen from Multipôle Pontiva, created a leaven of common life by accompanying the exchanges and clarifications of the staff during the theater workshops for three days.

They are often encouraged to break language barriers. A necessary presence in the factory and in the workshops to develop the art of cooperation.

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