In Saint-Malo, tenants were deprived of internet, telephone and intercom for 9 months

In Saint-Malo, tenants were deprived of internet, telephone and intercom for 9 months

For these two tenants of rue du Poitou, who were deprived of internet, telephone and intercom for nine months, the situation can no longer last. ©Malouina Land

“We really feel like we’re being neglected,” Laetitia reflects. In this apartment building at 16 rue du Poitou, Saint Malopatience has its limits.

Several families do not have access to the Internet and their landline since January 2021. For nine months, these apartments don’t even have a house phone. “Anyone can open the door to the hall of our residence, which has become a real windmill,” Christophe also laments.

At his side, his neighbor smokes:

I no longer have a landline, I have no access to the Internet. And since I stopped paying the subscription, my carrier put the collection services on my back.

A car is on fire… and the entire network goes out

Christophe is forced to “run to the kitchen with his laptop to pick up some 4G”. The tenant is particularly concerned about the consequences this major communication failure could have “for certain elderly people who are no longer able to call when needed”.

This giant crash affected three buildings or about sixty apartments after a violent fire in the underground car park on the rue du Poitou. That day, a car went up in smoke and the entire telecommunications network suffered.

At first we took our troubles patiently. Of course, we understood that everything cannot be fixed overnight. But we’re still nine months in. And we don’t have any other information, we don’t know anything.

“He can’t take it anymore”, responds Emeraude Habitation

On the part of Emeraude Habitation, which manages this housing stock, we admit that we are aware of “a situation that can no longer last for the tenants”.

Marilyn Bourquin, its director, also evokes the “complex situation” resulting from the battle between insurance companies.

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€80,000 worth of work is required to restore the situation. Due to these high amounts, we had to wait for the results of expert opinions before starting work. The problem is that each insurer has meticulous expertise. We have five or six left.

Expertise and a second opinion

Emeraude Habitat thus finds itself held hostage by experts who hand over money for repairs. ” The last expertise dates from August 30. They have since been asked for more. This is no longer possible”, continues Marylin Bourquin, who therefore decided to say: Stop and start working.

We assume the risk of not being reimbursed. But we can no longer leave tenants without a solution.

The intercoms should be working normally again during these days. A contract was also awarded for the restoration of the ADSL network in three private Internet buildings. “The wiring should start on Monday,” the Emeraude housing director explained last week. “We will use this intervention to add fiber to the network.” The parking lot where the fire occurred, however, remains closed.

As for the tenants who continued to pay internet subscriptions with their operators without being able to benefit from it, Marylin Bourquin reminds them that “certificates have been provided to be given to the operators. I know that some operators offered an alternative, via a 4G key, or reimbursed their customers. If the tenants are still in trouble, they can come to us.”

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