In Pluméliau-Bieuzy, a pharmacy to support doctors in the treatment of certain diseases

In Pluméliau-Bieuzy, a pharmacy to support doctors in the treatment of certain diseases

Maryse Garenaux, pharmacist and member of the steering committee for the OSyS experiment © La Gazette du Center Morbihan.

Launched in September 2021 in Brittany but slowed by the Covid crisis, the OSyS experiment now worries about forty pharmacies (GDR: here is the list) of the region. Including the center’s pharmacy in Pluméliau-Bieuzy, run by Maryse Garenaux, who is also a member of the OSyS steering committee.

The aim of the project is to develop a way of care that will allow pharmacists to provide advice under supervision. The aim is to improve first-line care and access to care in certain areas.

Maryse Garenaux, pharmacist in the town of Pluméliau-Bieuzy and member of the OSyS management committee.

The experiment was born in cooperation with URPS pharmacists (Regional Union of Health Workers) and URPS doctors.

Interested pharmacies volunteered and the Regional Health Authority (ARS) decided according to the geographical area and qualitative criteria, such as the confidentiality office, where the meetings could take place.

13 minor ailments to treat

The experiment concerns thirteen minor everyday ailments like burns and simple woundsthey sore throat, head or backfemale ailments such as burns Where itchthey stomach achebut also problems with diarrhea or constipation runny nose, conjunctivitis and tick bite.

“The principle is like this first resort either to turn to a pharmacist who listens, advises, treats if he can, or directs to another specialist, such as a doctor, or even in urgent cases, if he considers it necessary,” explains Maryse Garenaux, head of the pharmacy of the Center in the city of Pluméliau. -Bieuzy in Morbihan.

“We do not replace doctors”

A protocol to follow in any case medication to be dispensedfor patients without a mandatory medical prescription, were selected in cooperation with doctors.

We work with doctors in real coordination, the goal is not to replace them, but not to feed them if it is not necessary. All this only for the purpose of helping the patient to receive quick treatment.

“The protocol always begins patient consent to participate in the experiment, continues the pharmacist. If he accepts, treatment or referral to another professional. This is followed by one or more calls as needed to monitor progress. In any case, the patient remains free to refuse even outside the experiment, in any pharmacy, he will be treated or directed. »

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6 years of study

Does the pharmacist really have the skills to intervene in this way? “We are scientists trained throughout our careers and even more so within OSyS where we had a reminder for every pathology.

Treating minor ailments is what we’ve always done. Experimentation is there to take it a bit further and formalize it.

And to specify that “reimbursement is paid to us only if the complete course has been completed, until the last call. »

Positive feedback

The Brittany Regional Health Agency recognized the OSyS experiment as effective. The latest score from the Ministry of Health gives 99% satisfied patients.

“The aim is to open up the experiment to other pharmacies in Brittany and there are already several other regions interested in participating,” points out Maryse Garenaux

“France is lucky to have health professionals who are everywhere, open 7 days a week with pharmacies on duty and very easy to reach, so take advantage! concludes.

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