In Paris, the start of the school year has been postponed for students at the new Sorbonne Nouvelle campus

In Paris, the start of the school year has been postponed for students at the new Sorbonne Nouvelle campus

In Paris, problems are piling up around the new Sorbonne Nouvelle campus in the Nation. The start of the school year is postponed to October 3, 2022. (© DG / news Paris)

Problems are piling up The new Sorbonne. While the students were set to start the new academic year on September 19, 2022 in the brand new premises of the Nation, the University Paris 3 was forced to postpone the arrival of most students to October 3. After security problems, the reception capacity of the building is set aside.

Lack of seats

Campus Nation had to turn the page of the Censier years, an old university campus in the Latin Quarter, dilapidated and covered in asbestos. But problems are piling up around the new 26,000 m2 building, forcing many students to postpone the start of the school year to October 3, 2022.

The accommodation capacity campus is the target of strong criticism. With only one amphitheater and too few classrooms, the new building cannot currently accommodate all the students. “This is a problem that is not new and was observed several years ago,” he assures Paul Malherbe, president of Unef Paris 3 and university student of cinematography. “The management dealt with this problem too late,” he regrets.

If the Nation location is greater than Censier, it counts 30 less classrooms than the old campus. “They have completely different calibrations”, Jamil Jean-Marc Dakhlia, president of the university. “Where we had rooms for 60 seats, the Nation rooms include 40 to 120 seats, the networks are not the same at all,” he explains, explaining that adjustments need to be made in relation to the distribution classes at different locations.

Additional spaces and distance learning courses

Accommodate as many people as possible personally 16,000 college students14 classrooms were found outside the Nation campus, in La Défense, Porte de Vanves and at the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris. “It’s better than distance learning, but many students will be cut off from university life, from access to restaurants…” says Paul Malherbe, who requests rooms closer to campus.

These new pages will not be sufficient for all courses. total, 9% lessons should be held from afar, indicates the president of the faculty. “It’s crazy that after three years of video lessons we can’t welcome everyone to the new campus,” protests the UNEF president. “The government is underinvesting in higher education, especially in the Sorbonne Nouvelle, which supports language learning. »

Deferred return has a goal restructuring plans accommodate the maximum number of students in the Nation premises and take into account the travel time to reach the additional seats, suggests Mr. Dakhlia. “We gave ourselves 15 days to take into account the changes in the schedule. »

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Work is still in progress

On Monday, September 12, a wooden cornice was torn from the ceiling of the amphitheater, narrowly missing a student. Inspections and additional work followed the incident in the afternoon. “The elements were loosely connected. The next day everything was messed up,” says the university’s president, who acknowledges the “unacceptable failure.”

In addition to this 350-seat space, the Nation campus includes two other amphitheatres 500 and 120 places. But they are not accessible due to structural defects. “They probably won’t be accessible until next school year,” laments the president of Paris 3.

Despite these dysfunctions, however, Jamil Jean-Marc Dakhlia advocates a return to the school, which is “going well” with “a university already full of students since September”. Paul Malherbe estimates that 75% of the workforce has delayed going back to school.

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