In Orne, a hunter kills an old deer while hunting a wild boar

In Orne, a hunter kills an old deer while hunting a wild boar

A deer was shot in Mauves-sur-Huisne on September 17. ©Illustration/Stéphane Beillard/OFB

Orne hunters could do without such news a few days before the start of the hunt, September 25th throughout the department.

Saturday, September 17wild boar hunting took place, with the permission of the prefecture, in Mauves-sur-Huisne (Orne), in a corn field. Beatings allowed before the start of the hunt to “reduce damage to crops by wild boars”, according to the hunting federation.

Filmed by a hunter

But the ride didn’t go exactly as planned. In a canola field, very close to the road, an old deer, which had its habits in the sector, was passing by and stopped to look at the hunters.

Within seconds, he heads over the hedge and kills the animal, which was then on private property. A nearby hunter filmed the scene and posted it on social media. Land owner lodged a complaint with the gendarmerie brigade of Mortagne-au-Perche, who immediately launched an investigation.

Animal without bracelet

TO Orne Hunting Federation, it’s literally horrifying. “It is impossible to see, it is not worthy of the hunters and their ethics. Yves L’Honoré, head technician at the Federation, doesn’t mince his words. “President Balorre is really horrified by what happened. The technician does not even want to talk about the hunter in the case of this individual.

The hunting season continues on September 25 in Orne.
The hunting season continues on September 25 in Orne. © DR

He is a license holder, nothing more. He committed many serious offenses that strongly affected the hunting community, which completely distanced itself from this act. He is the black sheep.

If the investigation is ongoing, it is already accepted that the shooter shot the deer on someone else’s property. That he killed an animal that didn’t have any bracelets that might indicate a sample was possible. In the end, the search in question concerned only wild boars.

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Outside of hunting time, the hunter had no right to shoot this old deer. The gendarmes now have to see if he also failed his security duties by shooting over a hedge and near the road.

“Example Punishment”

Be that as it may, the Orne Hunter Federation has already announced that it will be a civil party at the end of the procedure. “Through our lawyer, we will ask for exemplary punishment against this person,” reports Yves L’Honoré.

The organization, which is chaired by Christophe de Balorre, says it is strengthening its safety and ethics training every year. Day-to-day work for technicians with members and licensees. “This gentleman ignored it all. What a lack of respect for the organizers of the hunt and especially for the animal. »

However, the person in question has not had his hunting license revoked at this time. Only the prefect has the power to intervene before the end of the current procedure. He could therefore, if he wishes, resume hunting in the coming days on the occasion of the opening of the season.

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