In Noyal, the stable offers a small paradise for horses like no other

In Noyal, the stable offers a small paradise for horses like no other

Entered to the left of the concentrate machine, this horse will come out, momentarily satiated, with the dose consumed. ©Frédéric Douchet

The active stable is a concept of accommodation for horses inspired by their way of life in freedom.

In Noyal, in Marion Rodde and Philippe Le Straat, eco-stable MP concept welcomes horses of all types. That their owners go to ride regularly, like to every stable.

But for horses, life is better in an ecological stable.

Innovative processes

Especially thanks to the innovative processes that were first developed in Germany and Austria.

This idea of ​​Ecocuria comes from Germany and Austria. There are approximately 250 model horse welfare stables in these countries. Whereas in our history we are still based on the pattern of stalls and boxes, inherited from the 19th century.

Erick Bossard, director of Cerfrance and head of the Equicer network.

A radical change in the approach to the horse’s life. Revolution. And the key word: horse freedom.

Automatic concentrate distributors (DACs) and feeding areas, soil stabilization systems, but also living areas (sleeping, drinking troughs and fences) are all equipped to contribute to the well-being of the horses.

Boarded horses, 24 in number, racehorses, riders or draft horses, seem to find their happiness in this environment is very ecological and technologically successful. And above all, they thought of their well-being.

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The DAC closes (behind him) when the horse passes. It will be recorded by detectors located underground. It can thus replenish its reserves of the necessary mineral salts. The trough is rotatable.

Fanny Pierard, horse riding manager at Éco-écurie.

Paw bracelet

Everything is automated and controlled by a control computer, with the horse fitted with a transmitter in a bracelet attached to its leg.

Sensors including an optical height sensor enable this detection of the horse immediately upon entry.

A daily program is prepared for their food. The feed is always distributed in portions of 35 g. Thanks to the spiral screw. And it has 100% rations in 24 hours.

When the horse has finished the feed, a device is activated to transport the horse to the exit, either by a sound signal or a stick.

The automated system is operated using compressed air, so there is no electrical or other risk to the animal.

The same requirement for the soil, where slabs are used in particular, which ensure good drainage of the soil, prevent the heaving of foundation materials or the formation of mud.

An ideal, clean and soothing environment. For the welfare of the horse.

Break straight lines

No stalls here as we still see a lot. The old pigsty has been converted into a dormitory with straw on the ground, where each of the horses finds its own space according to the kinship and hierarchies that have been established in the herd.

A wide open door allows them to see and observe others. Almost like in nature.

Horses get along easily in a large herd, just like people. You will easily find friends with whom you can get along.

“We break straight lines in the layout of the area. In the middle is a water point. On one side is normal water and on the other is clay,” explains Fanny.

Elsewhere it is the vegetation that is arranged according to the same principle.

The clay absorbed by the horse draws out toxins deposited on the mucous membranes of organs such as the stomach and intestines. They choose according to their needs.

Then comes the second area for hay.

Calm and composed horses

They are elsewhere gaming and interaction areas where horses are encouraged to move freely. Some electrified fences are interrupted by metal exit locks. Then in the distance comes a meadow.

No sign of nervousness, the horses communicate easily with visitors.

Just like a person, a horse needs a horizon to keep his head straight. Owners come to ride the horse and find that it is calm, balanced, proof of the effectiveness of the method.

Also in terms of care, the convalescing horse can be isolated at the entrance to the quarters.

Paradise or Noah’s Ark, it depends. In any case, horses well in their hooves, that’s for sure!

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