In Le Mené, leave with your object brought to life!

In Le Mené, leave with your object brought to life!

Répar’toi members even at work on Saturday, April 9. © Independent Courier

Today, many French people opt for repairing rather than for redemption. A trend colored by the desire to do savingsand concerns caused by global warming. The idea of ​​sustainability is thus anchored in people’s minds, guided by civic awareness. Repair thus becomes a new art of life.

It’s team spirit Correct yourself. For the second time, he is moving toArt 2 Recyclein the village Guidedthis Saturday, September 24, 2022from 2 to 5 p.m.

Six volunteers, residents of the land of Dinan (Alain, Chantal, Daniel, Jean-François, Patrice and Thomas), their chests full of tools, return to repeat the success on April 9. That day, many came with equipment to repair, but also benefited from the advice of the “fixers”.

Come get your appliances repaired

Feel free to come (again) with your faulty devices this Saturday to learn how repair : sewing machine, vacuum cleaner, coffee machine, kettle, toaster, electric toothbrush, radio, power tools, Karcher, lawnmower, bike…

Addition, recycling center he plans to create his own repair team. So if you have a DIY soul, let us know! “We assured them of our support if they embarked on an adventure comparable to ours,” says Daniel Rouault, vice president of the association.

This Saturday workshop is open to all and free of charge. All you have to do is book (registration required): at L’Art 2 Recycler (Croix de Jeanne Even, Collinée), by email: [email protected] ; or on 02 96 31 47 17.

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