In Flers, demonstrators again on the street for overestimation of wages

In Flers, demonstrators again on the street for overestimation of wages

About fifty protesters gathered at the 5 becs roundabout in Flers (Orne) from 17:00 following a call by the CGT last Friday. ©L’Orne Combattante

From 17:00 on Thursday 27 October 2022, around fifty protesters, including CGT and FO activists, gathered around the 5-hour roundabout in Flers (Orne) to demand an increase in wages and pensions in line with current inflation.

Loss of purchasing power

The secretary of the local trade union CGT of Flers Grégory Cordurié spoke in front of the demonstrators. In connection with the current inflation, he recalled the significant increase in the price of basic necessities, food, energy, fuel and transport since the beginning of the year.

“Wages are not keeping up with the growth of inflation, it’s a loss of purchasing power, especially for the lowest wages. »

Increase indexed to inflation

Grégory Cordurié listed the demands of the CGT.

Indexation of salaries and pensions to inflation as in Belgium, raising the minimum wage to €2,000 gross and a 10% increase in the index point in the civil service

Grégory Cordurié, secretary of the local union CGT of Flers

He deplores the profits of some companies that do not increase their staff or only a little, for example Total, whose profits have never been so important since the beginning of 2022.

demonstration on November 10

After the inter-union challenge, the next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 10 at 5 pm in Flers at the 5 becs roundabout. On the same day, employees and pensioners are invited to participate in an inter-professional strike day.

Grégory Cordurié plans to distribute leaflets before this rally “to get into combat order, to mobilize for the next 15 days and to be much more numerous”.

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