In Brest, it rents accommodation for the most difficult Habitat et humanisme associations

In Brest, it rents accommodation for the most difficult Habitat et humanisme associations

Part of the Habitat et humanisme team in Brest. ©Brest party

The association Habitat et humanisme has been active in Brest since 2015. Now it has its own premises, located in rue Védrines, on the right bank. “It will allow us to make ourselves known,” exults Philippe Ranchère, volunteer coordinator. The association rents out accommodation to private owners, then rents it out to people in need.

The antenna currently has 27 accommodation. And they are always looking for willing donors. “We guarantee the payment of rents and the renewal of accommodation after the end of the lease,” assures Philippe Ranchère, who incidentally mentions the tax benefits offered to owners integrated into the system. “It’s interesting for the landlord and it’s also an act of solidarity. The rent is set by Anah, the national agency for habitat improvement.


People looking for accommodation are guided by social actors or within the Digemer program, which helps people waiting for a residence permit. “We’re on a temporary accommodation, time to allow the guests to orientate themselves. The aim is to bring them to autonomy,” says Philippe Ranchère.

On average, they stay there two years.

80 to 90% of people find housing and return to normal life.

Because inside Habitat and Humanismit benefits not only from the roof but also from the support. There is a social worker and 29 volunteers to guide them through their administrative procedures, from employment to health care. The association is also launching a call for volunteers to swell the ranks.


Ahmed, 47, has been renting his own apartment in Quimper for two weeks. He was housed through Habitat et humanisme for one year and five months. “It’s a stepping stone.” They really helped me a lot,” says the 40-year-old of Senegalese origin.

He arrived in France in 2012, leaving the Paris region in 2016 to join his partner in Quimper. The couple have since split up and Ahmed has moved on galleys find housing, without permanent employment. A combination of casual jobs, especially in the cleaning sector. The hand extended by Habitat et humanisme brought him stability.

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Thanks to them, everything gradually fell into place.

Ahmed has been a night watchman at a hostel for young workers for a year. He hopes to get CDI.

Habitat and Humanism, 13 rue Védrines in Brest. Such. 02 22 90 02 40.

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