If you want to live better, adjust to your biological clock

If you want to live better, adjust to your biological clock

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Like every living organism, our life is governed by rhythm. As its name suggests, living beings cannot be repaired. By respecting our biological and physiological rhythm, we respect internal balance, such as our body temperature, the necessary pulse, breathing rhythm, but also our biological system. Time is a fundamental concept in biology, so you’ll be happier, healthier and more productive if you respect your body’s rhythm.

Day and night

Day begins when night comes, night when day sets. So this natural rhythm is quite easy to detect. Thanks to multiple functions, our body responds to this biorhythm. It is therefore suitable for proper body synchronization

  • Get up earlier in the summer and later in the winter. At 8 o’clock, cortisol, the mobilizing hormone, is at its highest and slowly declines until midnight, then rises again until 8 o’clock in the morning. So, in order to feel good during the day, you need to adjust your sleep pattern accordingly.
  • Take time to wake up by stretching, gently massaging your face or taking a few deep breaths. Also drink a glass of room temperature water.
  • Have an unsweetened, high-protein breakfast.
  • At work, if you can, change your activity to finish in the morning, or at least change your view of the activity or your perception of the activity. Also, don’t forget to take breaks every two hours.
  • Don’t end your day too late and limit yourself to a certain hour by sticking to it.
  • Do not eat too late and prefer seafood, fish, cooked and raw vegetables, legumes and starchy foods.

During the week

In order to maintain good physical and moral health, you must stop your usual activities for one day a week. Use the opportunity to take care of yourself, your surroundings, and forget about the computer and phone. Take the opportunity to do things you don’t do the rest of the week, like see your friends travel, read…

Additionally, at the beginning of each month, take stock of your goals, changes to be made, actions to be taken…

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