How to taste Yerba mate?

How to taste Yerba mate?

Looking for an alternative to coffee and tea? Mate is the solution. This tea-like drink originates from South America and is made from the Yerba Mate plant. This is no ordinary drink, but represents a true tradition in this area of ​​the world. The plant would even have certain virtues that contribute significantly to its reputation. We will tell you how to enjoy this drink.

Yerba mate has a unique taste

If there is one defining aspect of Mate, it is its incomparable flavor. It is available in several versions and flavors may vary. However, in its most famous form, this drink is usually bitter. This taste is explained especially by him high concentration of crushed leaves (ie 90%). In addition, Maté prepared with very hot water can have a very distinct bitter taste. Far from off-putting, this natural flavor has earned some connoisseurs who have been enjoying it for generations.

On the other hand, the bitterness of Mate can be unpleasant for others (especially new consumers). There are also alternatives to reduce this particular taste. It is now possible to add aroma, mint, herbs and other ingredients to get a sweeter or fruitier note from Maté. Several factors such as culture type, composition and even preparation are likely to change the taste of this drink. It is more suitable for combining pleasure and well-being get organic Matein stores specializing in sustainable products and quality. Here you will also find all the necessary accessories for tasting your pickle.

Yerba mate can be enjoyed in many ways

There is, strictly speaking, no better way taste the mate. However, if you are new to it, here are some ways to enjoy it.

Classic or traditional tasting

Maté is traditionally consumed hot, infused in a round gourd. Several materials, such as metal, allow this container to be made. A Bombilla is a must have for better tasting. This straw is used strain Yerba Mate leaves contained in the preparation. Tasting the calabash is the one that brings the most sensations. The high concentration of Yerba Maté leaves justifies the enhanced taste of this drink.

Mate Cocido

Like coffee, Mate can be drunk as an infusion, in a cup. This method consists of make an infusion of Yerba Mate as a tea. In summer, this type of preparation is ideal for enjoying a chilled drink. Using a teapot or tea infuser, you can get the Mate infusion and let it cool. For the uninitiated, just add sugar or honey to get Maté with a tolerable taste for your palate.

Terrated or iced Mate

If you like iced tea, you can also enjoy an iced Maté. Very popular in Paraguay, frozen mate saves you from the very bitter taste of Yerba mate leaves. You can infuse the leaves for a few minutes in hot water (in a coffee maker) and let the drink cool down in the fridge. Frozen Mate is both quenches thirst and benefits health. A well-prepared drink does not lose any of its advantages. Therefore, we assure you that there are only good reasons to drink cold Mate. You can also enjoy your drink by adding other herbs and ingredients to get the desired taste.

What are the benefits associated with consuming Mate?

Mate is gaining more and more fans around the world due to its many benefits. Maté is truly considered more than just a drink. It is known for its revitalizing effects and helps fight mental and physical fatigue. Thanks to the high content of matein (a molecule identical to caffeine), it allows you to fill with vitality. It is also true food for body and spirit. Maté contributes greatly to awakening the spirit and improving mental abilities.

Mate actually increases mental clarity, improves brain activity and promotes better cognitive performance. It is highly recommended to fill your Mate stainless steel sports bottle. Regeneration after physical exertion is faster by hydration with Mate. In addition, Mate will be your ally in a weight loss diet. This calorie-free tea helps reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body and increases the level of HDL (good cholesterol).

When consumed regularly, the pickle is an excellent appetite suppressant thanks to its satiety hormones. In addition, maté improves gastric secretion and thus enables the regulation of transit at the intestinal level. A drink widely consumed in the world after tea and coffee, Mate helps fight premature cell aging skin thanks to its natural antioxidants. It also helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, we recommend consuming Mate in moderation. Excessive amounts in the body can cause addiction in the body.

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