Household waste in southern Sarthe: “the fee system was fairer, but don’t aim at the wrong target”

Household waste in southern Sarthe: “the fee system was fairer, but don’t aim at the wrong target”

François Olivier, Deputy Mayor of Château-du-Loir and President of the Val de Loir Mixed Syndicate. ©photo archive of Le Petit Courrier – Olivier Jaunay

A call was made to a facebook group in recent days to express the dissatisfaction of some residents of the Loire Valley regarding the amounts requested to be paid property taxcounting on it tax for household waste collection.

Amounts that some consider too expensive in the context of the rising cost of living, which many people find difficult to cope with.

It was planned to be heard during the municipal council about the return Montval sur Loir (south of Sarthe), Saturday 26 September.


In the end, we noticed the presence of only two people in the audience, but Francois Olivier, deputy mayor of Château-du-Loir and Chairman of the Val de Loir Mixed Syndicate spoke on this topic on the sidelines of the presentation of the 2021 activity report of the Loir-Lucé-Bercé community of communes.

“We will have work to do for standardization throughout the territory, now the former Val de Loir and the former canton of Château-du-Loir are in TEOM, this topic will be presented soon. You must remember that you did not have an invoice for the fee in March of this year. Be careful with interpretations as we use two very different billing methods where the fee is calculated based on the service provided and the number of people in the home. It’s fairer, I agree.

Less fair

While “the tax is calculated on all existing built-up land, the hangar is part of the built-up land. In principle, the calculation is less fair. Hervé Ronciere earlier they said we changed the billing method because of unpaid bills, that’s one of the reasons. There are also unregistered, illegal deposits, lawsuits, parallel collectionI could list them for you all evening.

Selected for continuation:

“I hear those disgruntled people, I’d be tempted to say, as far as anger, if there is any, it shouldn’t be a bad target.” It is not on the Syndicate that this should be brought up, but rather on the people who killed royalties because I maintain that royalties were the best system and that the elected officials of the time in 2014 were ambitious to change the System”.

He regrets that “it didn’t work out, for the reasons that it did fraud, workaround, non-paymentI will not expand”.

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Member of Parliament and Senator

François Olivier said he arranged a meeting “with our representative Eric Martineau and Senator Louis-Jean de Nicolaÿ. I think it is important to draw the MPs’ attention to the problems in this area, which are ours today, but which are also a national case. By and large, all unions are coming back to tax for the reasons I explained earlier. Unfortunately, we are not an isolated case. But there are people who are satisfied, and they are not few. At the end of the day there are definitely more winners than losers, they’re not necessarily the ones we hear about the most and that’s totally normal, you need to educate yourself.”

Basic review

Before closing by leaving the household waste circuit to reintroduce the property tax as a whole, “the current foundations on which property taxes are calculated date back to 1973, it’s high time they were dusted off, it was planned early on and I thought I read it would be delayed at least a year”.

Hervé Roncière, the mayor of Montval-sur-Loir also clarified to the residents a little earlier that “the municipality did not adjust its rates, the bases were adjusted by the state like every year, so the bill increases mechanically”.

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