Hospital crisis, vaccines, puffs: what to remember from the interview with François Braun on France Bleu – France Bleu

Hospital crisis, vaccines, puffs: what to remember from the interview with François Braun on France Bleu – France Bleu

Emergency for children, flu vaccination and Covid-19, puff: François Braun, Minister of Health and Prevention, answered questions from Géraldine Mayr and Jimmy Mohamed this Friday Hello, doctor on France Bleu
. He expanded “crisis of pediatrics” in “the crisis of the hospital, of our health system” and urged families not to rush to the emergency room in the midst of a bronchiolitis epidemic
. He asks them to dial 15 or go to a GP so they don’t overburden the emergency room. He also warned against danger of puffingthese electronic cigarettes popular with young people.

“It’s a crisis of our hospital, our health system”

This was announced by the Minister of Health last week release of an envelope of 150 million euros
for services under load in the hospital and especially in paediatrics 4000 childcare workers sent an open letter to Emmanuel Macron
condemn inappropriate working conditions and care, results and “irresponsible political inaction”. For the Minister of Health, “This children’s crisis is not a children’s crisis, it is a crisis of our hospital, our health system. I know it well, we have lived with it for years and years.” he explained on France Bleu. _”This crisis comes from a policy implemented for ten years” _ he assured former head of the CHR Emergency Department
from Metz-Thionville.

Don’t rush to the emergency room

However, the minister assured that he “not there [avait] no sorting children” at the children’s emergency room as assured by a member of the National Assembly. “When we say triage, it means taking some and not taking others. But that’s not happening. Our system takes care of all the children, all the sick.” On the other hand, François Braun asks parents not to automatically go to the emergency room : “Not everything can be solved by going to the emergency room. The emergency room should not be the gateway for everything. Most bronchiolitis are benign” he explained.

“We don’t go to the emergency room for bronchiolitis” – François Braun

François Braun explains itgeneral practitioners should have priority for bronchiolitis: “These bronchiolitis must be taken care of by the city doctors. We don’t go to the emergency room for bronchiolitis!” According to him, Samu enables families to be well-led: “It’s a very worrying bronchiolitis, it’s normal. But in this case we call Samu, we call 15. At that time we have a professional, a doctor on the phone. Some Samus have even called pediatricians who will give the right advice”.

Regulation within 15 years “breathes life into the hospital”

For the Minister of Health Regulation Sam “he breathes life into the hospital“, and even allowed reduce emergency room visits by 5 to 6% this summer, for the first time in twenty years. “We forget too much that France is still a country where at any time of the day or night, wherever you are, you have a doctor. In a few minutes on the phone, by dialing 15. This n It is not triage, it is simply to offer people the best solution to their health problems. If you have chest pain, this SAMU doctor will be able to assess whether it could be a heart attack or simply an anxiety attack”. François Braun also explained that new technologies enable better patient care: “We can even use your smartphone, your cell phone and see with your cell phone camera with this SAMU medical order. So we can add sight to hearing.”

People go to the emergency room because they don’t know that there is a potentially available doctor near them. It is in the interest of this medical practitioner to have this information“I would like to clarify the Minister of Health.

Increase the number of medical assistants

But how to approach a general practitioner when the French don’t necessarily have access to GPs? In a report published in March 2021, DREES (Department for Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics) states that the number of doctors will be constant until 2030. This report estimates that there will be 1.5% more doctors by 2050. “Doctors will have to work differently” the minister explained. “A doctor spends 20% of his time on administrative work, a hospital doctor more like 50%.” lamented François Braun_. “Medical assistants have enabled doctors to increase the number of patients per doctor by 10%, it’s huge,” assured the minister. “We will deploy medical assistants in all areas where it is needed” promised the Minister of Health at France Bleu.

The Minister then spoke about the second stage, which was announced by the President of the Republic during his interview on France 2
which is supposed to enable “retired young doctors – as we did during the Covid crisis – to continue working without paying pension contributions.”

“Get vaccinated, get vaccinated”

“Get vaccinated, get vaccinated” launched the minister on the France Bleu antenna “I’m saying it twice because you have to get vaccinated when you’re fragile against Covid and against the flu. You have to do it now and at the same time.” assures François Braun. But which vaccine to withdraw? “A versatile vaccine that protects against Omicron, as the variants currently circulating are Omicron’s children and grandchildren” answered François Braun to the most fragile of people. According to him, there is no need to fear the new variant BQ1.1, a subvariant of Omicron: “we know him because he comes from BA.5, but he has no serious pathology”.

Specific prevention and sports mission

At France Bleu, the Minister of Health, François Braun, notably announced that he was going perform a specific mission “to see how we go forward in sports and health houses. These sports and health centers, which were established in 2019, promote “access to physical activity and sport for health purposes”. According to the minister, the number of sports and health centers will reach “more than 500 at the end of the year” but he thinks so “It is not enough” before “The importance of physical activity in all pathologies”. “With the Minister of Sports, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, we will focus on making prevention and physical exercise a matter of course in our society.” said François Braun.

“The cloud drives young people to smoke”

“I am determined to fight the products that lead our young people to smoke” promised Health Minister François Braun in Bonjour Docteur. cloud, very popular with teenagers
, is a disposable electronic cigarette with a sweet taste. They worry the Minister of Health. “It’s a very good thing if the goal is to stop smoking” but “The goal is not to start smoking. Unfortunately, this puffing up is leading our young people to these 70,000 deaths a year.”

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