His girlfriend pushes him when he’s drunk, so he hits her

His girlfriend pushes him when he’s drunk, so he hits her

He said she drove him crazy when he was drunk (©Illustration Adobe Stock)

In April 2019, the woman filed a complaint against her partner for the violence she suffered. She explains that in the beginning their relationship was fusion, but her companion quickly fell into alcohol and often got drunk.

He is drunk again that evening and the pair have an argument.

A head injury is diagnosed

He ends up pushing his companion violently, causing her to fall. Her head hits the ground and leads her toL’Aigle Hospital (Orne) where a head injury is diagnosed. He will describe a few more scenes violence, insults, threats, slaps. He specifies that the situation would worsen if he found out that he is also the father of another girl with an old relationship. Now they are separated.

The defendant, a 23-year-old resident of L’Aigle, partially recognizes the facts. He fell into alcoholism and explains that every time he got drunk with his friends, she did everything to piss him off. She knew he could be violent when drunk. “You’re telling us she did it on purpose to get hit,” President Romuald Dano responded. “No, not at all, I don’t think so.

Her ex’s family says they are looking for the footage

ME Claire Caillot, on the civil side, hopes that this hearing will allow her client to finally turn the page. “If there was indeed an argument between this couple, my client is in no way responsible for this violence.” She specifies that her client was very tested, even her ex-husband’s family accused her of seeking these wounds, that it was normal. In addition to preliminary compensation of €500 and €600 for legal fees, he is requesting a reference to the civil interest with expertise to determine the psychological consequences.

State attorney Lætitia Mirande specifies that the defendant is already the subject of criminal prosecution for domestic violence against another partner. “The defendant admits that he grabbed her by the collar, he admits that he pushed her, he admits to slapping her.” It requires a 90-day fine of €8.

He doesn’t drink anymore today

ME Céline Gasnier, in defense, reassures the civil party by specifying that she is in no way responsible for these wounds. His client is aware of the facts enough to be found guilty, but he would like to add that he has done a lot of work on alcohol, he doesn’t drink anymore today.

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In the end, he will be fined €1,200, of which €600 is suspended, and required to complete a responsibility course at his own expense to prevent and combat domestic violence and sexism within six months. . Similarly, he orders an expert to assess the damage of the civil party and hands over the file to the civil interest.

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