Here’s why a helicopter flew low over Lyon on Monday and Tuesday

Here’s why a helicopter flew low over Lyon on Monday and Tuesday

A helicopter flew over Lyon at low altitude, residents report. (©Illustration/Adobe Stock)

Helicopter noise over Lyon, “at low altitude”. Residents were concerned about the flyovers of very noisy aircraft in the city’s skies on the evening of 19 September and on Tuesday 20 September.

Above several city districts

Overflights recorded especially over Saône, Vieux-Lyon, 7th, 8th arrondissement or 3rd arrondissement. “Does anyone know why there is a helicopter hovering over Lyon 7 / Lyon 3 tonight? It’s midnight, what the hell?! asks the resident.

According to our information, it was an overview of the national gendarmerie, the reasons for which have not been disclosed. The Rhône prefecture indicates that it was not a flight of rescue services, firefighters or Samu.

In April, flights over Lyon for the purpose of making maps

When it’s not the flyovers of military planes or helicopters, it happens that you hear planes over Lyon for a completely different reason.

Another flyover upset the locals last April. It was actually related to the creation of maps of the metropolis. The helicopter from the National Institute for Geographical and Forestry Information (IGN) was on a mission in Greater Lyon, a routine operation for IGN, which regularly conducts this type of flyover for its maps.

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