Hérault / Port of Sète: a dead bull calf and three other patients on a boat

Hérault / Port of Sète: a dead bull calf and three other patients on a boat

The commercial port of Sète (©Port Sete)

Ship carrying sick bulls bound for Algeria, was cleared to land this Friday evening commercial port of Sète, announces the prefecture of Hérault. The repatriation operation took place at 9 p.m. A young bull died on board.

“As part of a classic business approach between French and Algerian operators of live animals for consumption on Algerian territory, a difference in administrative interpretation emerged on arrival at the port in Algeria of a ship carrying young bulls that had left Sète and a few days earlier. After negotiations at all levels, during which the services of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, Quai d’Orsay azFrench Embassy in Algeria were actively involved and in close contact with the Algerian authorities in order to find a satisfactory solution from the point of view of health, it was decided to repatriate the ship and the bulls to France,” specifies the prefecture of Hérault.

The Algerian authorities apparently refused to allow the ship to arrive at its destination at the port listed in the ship’s logbook. A ship carrying cattle therefore he turned back to the sea. It arrived on Thursday as it approached the port of Sète and anchored offshore. Since then, veterinary services have come aboard the ship to accurately assess the health and well-being of the animals on board. The results of analyzes and veterinary visits show noneno signs of FMD contamination. The veterinarian’s report confirms the overall good condition of the animals. A dead bull calf was found in the boat and the three young bulls that were euthanized by the veterinary service as unfit for transport in accordance with animal protection regulations will be dealt with immediately by the sanitation service.

The prefect of Hérault, Hugues Moutouh, therefore authorized the ship to dock in the port of Sète this Friday evening. In accordance with the classic health precaution protocol, the ship at the berth was placed in mode by prefectural order put under supervisionwith the deployment of all necessary biosecurity measures. And the animals unloaded from the ship will be placed in cattle cars and transported to the place of slaughter.

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