Hérault / North of Béziers: a giant rave party planned for five days in Cazedarnes

Hérault / North of Béziers: a giant rave party planned for five days in Cazedarnes

Gendarmes in a night operation (© Hérault Gendarmerie)

According to our information giant rave party settles tonight in a remote rural area in the city Cazedarnes, north of Béziers. It should take five days. Indeed, the organizers play on All Saints Bridge attract as many fans as possible tech and other related music streams.

of DJ they are there until Tuesday evening or even Wednesday morning in the mountainous area and on the plateau between Puisserguier and Roquebrun, where gendarmerie forces and local elected officials are mobilized. But the convoys of vehicles are converging.

“As of this afternoon, the police and security services gendarmerie, informed that a rave party was being prepared in Hérault, tried to find the exact location. First it was the Aumelas plateau, on the Causse de Villeveyrac, often chosen in the past and last summer at the latest secret organizers to host these celebratory gatherings, but eventually the authorities learned late tonight that ravers were flocking north of Béziers. This area of ​​Cazedarnes has already hosted a big rave party where techno sounds could be heard up to 30 kilometers away,” he reveals Metropolitan knowledgeable source.

Thousands of ravers?

Thousands of ravers are expected in Cazedarnes, coming from all over France, but also from neighboring countries, Spain and Italy, but also from Belgium. “The Belgian revelers who attend all the raves have already arrived north of Béziers,” this source assures. After trying to locate the exact location of the rave party, the gendarmes of the Hérault group are mobilized to carry out road checks in particular.

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