Hérault. "A sustainable way" : The Ministry votes on two key actions

Hérault. "A sustainable way" : The Ministry votes on two key actions

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This Monday, September 19, the Ministry Assembly voted on two key actions that are part of Commitment No. 9 “The Sustainable Path” of this new mandate. A strong approach to building and sustainably maintaining departmental roads and cycle paths and better preserving the biodiversity around them.

A meeting with hunters…

In an effort to protect the balance of ecosystems along its roads, the Ministry signed an agreement with the Regional Federation of Hunters of Occitanie to better identify and take into account the ecological context in road activities. They will thus bring their expertise in the analysis of wildlife behavior around roads. A skill confirmed within the regional project “Via Fauna”, which they implemented in 13 departments of Occitanie.

… for specific events

First, the first phase of the study and analysis of the fragmentation of ecological continuities will be carried out only on the forest network, with actions such as:

– modeling of the ecological connections of the forest in the entire territory of the resort,

– identifying and prioritizing areas of collision and fragmentation by mobilizing the local expertise of the Hérault Departmental Federation of Hunters,

– development of a protocol for the capture and monitoring of wildlife mortality on roads that can be used by road agents during patrol operations with the implementation of the Actiroute tool (on-board tablets and smartphones for remote data entry);

– sensitizing road workers to the fragmentation of ecological connections and training in the protocol for recording collisions with animals.

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Further phases of the study dealing with other ecological frameworks can subsequently be initiated through new agreements to account for all animal species affected by road collisions.

In addition, the financial contribution paid by the Ministry of FRCO for this first phase is €1,500.

Validation of the support contract with CITEO

The winner of the call for proposals announced by the company QUOTE (an environmental organization that works to reduce the environmental impact of domestic packaging) to offer innovative solutions in the management of waste that pollutes the surroundings of our roads, the Ministry has just voted to sign a contract to accompany the launch of its program Z’Hérault waste “. Goal? Stimulate the creation of projects with multiple stakeholders to support exemplary actions prevention and management of abandoned waste.

In addition to the “Clean Roads Charter” adopted this year and the annually renewed organization of symbolic road cleaning days, he therefore proposes to initiate a new action plan to limit this phenomenon.

Several initiatives are planned as part of this project:

– Communication actions aimed at preventing the gesture of abandoning waste
– Awareness raising events aimed at schools and the general public
– Installation of sorting containers at rest areas and information panels at sensitive locations
– Experimentation of cleaning sites with works of general interest
– Deploying innovative traps to catch debris at the exit of road storm networks

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