Hérault: a guitarist perched on top of a 30-meter tree creates a stir on Youtube

Hérault: a guitarist perched on top of a 30-meter tree creates a stir on Youtube

Silent musician Hérault at the top of a 35-meter tree! ©Enzo Youtube)

Does it tell you a little higher? Enzo Seignourel, 26, lives in carnonMunicipality of Mauguio: professional pruner, he mixes his passion with his spectacular work by scraping by guitar and singing Kavinsky atop the magnificent cedar above Greasesack, north of Béziers. Between his favorite tool and the cutting tool, he chose both! And his clip was published Youtube making a fuss

Enzo therefore decided to accept the challenge grease bag, a village nestled on a hillside in the upper cantons of Hérault, on the border with Aveyron. Between the roosts, the deal is ideal, as the late Louis de Funès, star of the film “Perched in a Tree,” would say. Enzo comes from this remote rural village, “lots of trees, in the middle of the forest and that’s where this passion for trees was born”, notes the man who decided to become a gardener almost naturally.

On top of the cedar

The mayor of Graissessac asked him for a mission: identify diseased trees and make a diagnosis : “I chose a cedar, its main branches form very flat levels and therefore allow you to climb to the top to see me”. He can clearly be seen playing the guitar and capturing the surreal scene to broadcast on social media. Because it’s online, the clip, filmed on the day of the weekly market in Graissessac, with a lot of people thirty meters below, explodes the counter.

“Night Watch”

He therefore chose Kavinsky – real name Vincent Belorgey born in Seine-Saint-Denis – the artist electronic music and French actor. Kavinsky has been compared to various artists from the electro scene, most notably Daft Punk, and has himself inspired many artists such as Perturbator and Carpenter Brut. He gained mainstream recognition after his song Night call it was recorded in the soundtrack of the movie Drive in 2011. And it was this tube that was interpreted by an acoustic guitar musician at almost dusk on top of a cedar. That’s right, Nightcall means “Night Watch”.


Enzo Seignourel savored this magical moment for hours, until his descent from the cedar, while the evening street lights lit up the valley: “The view was amazing”the scene immortalized by it drone and which fascinates Internet users. It’s true that Kavinsky’s music retaken with acoustic sauce takes over, but the young pruner from Carnon has succeeded in his bet to show these trees around Graissessac so that people love nature, at a time when climate change is more relevant than ever.

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