Heavy rain and thunderstorms: Météo France forecasts for this weekend

Heavy rain and thunderstorms: Météo France forecasts for this weekend

Rain intensities of up to 70 to 100 mm are expected within a few hours in the most exposed areas (Illustration ©actu.fr)

of rain, lots of rain. In a very short time across a large part of southern France. Meteorologists visualized this phenomenon a few days ago. It is brighter.

DepartmentHéraultof Gardof Bouches-du-Rhoneof Varof Alpes-Maritimes, of Loser, of Vaucluse and the western part Corsica it could be very wet between this friday evening and sunday morning.

Although the latest projections seem less alarming, rain, temporarily intense, mixed with thunderstorms, remains on the weather menu. Météo France has already declared a yellow alert this Friday morning due to the risk of flooding: these are Bouches-du-Rhône, Gard, Hérault, Lozère and Vaucluse.

“Warm and moist air will rise from the south-west over the land and meet the mass of cold low-pressure air at the height of the high-pressure shift that has protected us so far,” summarizes Météo France.

Heavy rain Friday night and Saturday morning

Bad weather will affect eastern Hérault, Gard and Bouches-du-Rhône on the night from Friday to Saturday. The rains will then move towards the Alpes-Maritimes.
Heavy bursts of rain should also affect Corsica during the day on Saturday and the following night.

In the most exposed areas, intensities of up to 70 to 100 mm are expected within a few hours, depending on different weather models.

If it is not strictly a Mediterranean phenomenon or an episode of the Cevennes, because meteorologists are talking about intense rains from 200 millimeters of precipitation in 24 hours, it will look like this. Intense isolated thunderstorms are likely

Yann AmiceMeteorologist at SportRizer

Southwest flow at high altitude and southeast wind in low layers, the dynamics are favorable from Friday evening to Saturday for the observation of mesoscale convective systems (MSC), “simply put, a stormy pack that occupies a huge space of several tens to several hundred kilometers”, popularized further Actu.frYann Amice, meteorologist.

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It will be quick, he explains, because “from Sunday in the low levels we will switch to a northwesterly flow and the air mass will dry out.”

The still warm Mediterranean Sea…

These “Mediterranean” phenomena occur most often in autumn, when mild, moist and unstable air rising from the sea, which is still warm (the Mediterranean is currently still 24°C), comes into conflict with cold air at altitude. land. It is these conflicts of air masses that support the occurrence of storms and intense rains.

Anyway, this Friday, September 23, which will mark the first day of autumn, coincides with a change in the weather and the return of clouds and rain everywhere.

“The high pressure area that has been protecting us since the start of the week will move east and a large low pressure system will generate a sustained northwesterly flow from the British Isles down towards Spain,” explains Yann Amice.

Much of northern France, and more specifically the northwest, will be covered in rain (but less than in the south) from Friday to Sunday. And on Sunday, if the weather in the western Mediterranean improves very quickly with NW winds and the return of the sun, showers remain possible (almost) everywhere else.

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