HEALTH.  Reorganizing care: bill raises questions in channel

HEALTH. Reorganizing care: bill raises questions in channel

How to respond to the shortage of doctors? Seven orders of health professions submitted a list of proposals to the government. (©archive)

Access to care is problematic. Especially in our countryside. They are in France 6 million do not have an attending physician. And 600,000 are chronically ill.

Direct access to professionals

Gathered in Interdepartmental Liaison Committeethe seven orders of health professions therefore handed over a list of government solutions to respond to this emergency. Resultant account which will be examined from November 28 to December 4 according tonational assembly.

Its goal is to accelerate the decompartmentalization of the healthcare system.

“It’s called direct access. It’s still up for debate, but it’s progressing well. The goal is to make it easier for doctors by establishing a diagnosis, for example, while staying within the limits of our abilities. »

Martine BillardPresident of the Order of La Manche Physiotherapists Masseurs

Specifically, GPs would no longer be the only gateway to the health care system. Deeds could be transferred to nurses, physiotherapists and pharmacists.

This is not a change of doctor, insists Martine Billard. On the other hand, we can get rid of the doctor’s consultation for example, for a sprained ankle,” he explains.

The organization is not defined, but it is already raising questions for Dr. Jean Sciré, president of the branch council of the Order of Physicians sleeve.

“This solution clears up a lot of things. The doctor makes a simple diagnosis, but also a differential one – what else could it be? – and etiology – where does it come from? It is a job done after ten years of study. Doctors are missing, that’s true, but we can’t replace him like this, remains a central element. If we remove that, there is also the issue of liability. who will take it? »

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Think about care coordination

The acts to which the transfer of powers is concerned have not yet been defined. Prescription renewal, prescribing analgesics, blood test, voltage monitoringfor nurses and pharmacists, sprain, shoulder pain, tendinitis Where lumbago for physiotherapists. The government will have to decide which evils are planned.

But there again,‘The Order of Doctors of La Manchathrough its chairman has reservations.

“Three times out of four, it will work well for refills. However, even if the patient does not notice it, the doctor will reassess the treatment for recovery. There is a mental question every time. We need to think about coordination of care. The doctor must remain the conductor. It’s not just a paper reissue. There are many questions surrounding this reorganization of care. »

Doctor Jean SciréPresident of the Order of Doctors of La Manche

Last year, Parliament has already tried to give pharmacists the right to treat cystitis and benign angina pectoris. However, the text decree never appeared. The ball is once again in the government’s court.

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