Health.  Doctors still in short supply in the English Channel: a deeply disturbing inventory revealed

Health. Doctors still in short supply in the English Channel: a deeply disturbing inventory revealed

Finding a GP can be a real headache in the Channel. (©DP)

This is an observation that the numbers again reinforce and support. Yes, the channel lacks a doctor. StudyAssociation of Rural Mayors of Francerevealed at the end of last week, draws a very disturbing condition.

> > > According to the survey, 17% of trainees and substitutes want to go to urban areas, 36% to rural areas and 47% to semi-rural areas.

15% fewer doctors in ten years

Be on national average (0.83 doctors per 1000 inhabitants), relatively low in itself, would be necessary 85 general practitioners more than those working in the Channel today. To achieve the ideal of one doctor per 1,000 inhabitants, we need… 169 general practitioners!

According to atlas of medical demographyin twelve years, the number of GPs working in the English Channel has fallen by 15%, although the trend has been improving in recent years.

The downward trend observed since 2010 in the number of general practitioners in general practice concerns a very large part of France with the exception of the overseas territories, departments on the Atlantic coast Where on the Italian and Swiss borders.

The topic of attractiveness is often mentioned to the hospital. This also applies in the city. IN Cotentinthey initiatives are multiplying: preventive policy projects, support for university education of the hospital, help with land, a future local health contract… The feasibility study of a center for paid doctors at the community level has entered a new phase.

Soon interns in medical deserts?

The Social Security Funding Bill (PLFSS) 2023 plans to add a “consolidation year” to the course for future GPs, which would be conducted out of hospital and “preferably in under-resourced areas”. The interns are against the project. “We are totally against this absurd measure,” explains Philippe Cholet, vice-president of the Regional Union of Liberal Doctors in Normandy. We want to send our young colleagues to train with a pipe breaker. Of course we use the same method as National Education, where we send the less experienced in difficulties to start their careers…”

Improvement in 2030!
In France, the number of general practitioners under the age of 70 has been stable since 2012 (around 215,000). The profession has become more feminized, the number of general practitioners is decreasing, but specialists are increasing. Liberal exercise is restricted in favor of mixed exercise (liberal and paid activities). Assuming constant legislation and behaviour, DREES predicts a stagnant labor force until 2030, before a relatively significant increase until 2050.

There is a lack of generalists everywhere

If the total number of doctors is only slowly decreasing, the field of general medicine is going through a serious professional crisis. There is something like a litany as we take the bowls of life one by one.

On the side of the surrounding municipalities, according to the study, 9 doctors are missing Carentan8 in each of the zones Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, Valognes and Avranchesa dozen on the west coast, 2 in the area Bricquebec like those of Montebourg, Church of Saint-Pierre and Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte. Only certain rare areas such as Agon Coutainville Where Granvilleview results up to the national average.

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Specialties in high difficulty

Again, the numbers are instructive and send patients back to theirs trouble getting an appointment with certain specialties, most often after a few months of patience.

According to the Association of Rural Mayors, Manche lacks 34 psychiatrists, 18 cardiologists, 19 dermatologists, 18 gynecologists, 11 ophthalmologists… In hospitals, promises of new resources, investments, new possibilities in services must strengthen the desire of doctors to come and practice in the hospital, full or part-time job.

A hospital doctor, most often a specialist (in surgery, anaesthesia, medicine), if he works in a network with the outside world, will primarily use a public technical platform (laboratory, medical imaging). The recruitment in the hospital remain complicated in certain professions, sa significant provisional share. In medicine, defects are very expensive.

> > > 49.8 years: this is the average age of doctors in the Manche department. This is slightly less than the national average.

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