He was prosecuted for forgery and concealed his activities in Orne

He was prosecuted for forgery and concealed his activities in Orne

In three years, he submitted 33,000 applications for registration (©Illustration Adobe Stock)

He explains to the court about his personality that after he taught at the secondary school in Issy-les-Moulineaux (Haut-de-Seine)he decides to go into business, hospitality and services, but his business will not flourish.

In August 2015, he became president of the vehicle buying and selling company. In just three years, more than 33,000 applications for gray cards will be submitted in the prefecture of Alençon. He completes the registration formalities on behalf of the customers, goes to the prefecture and invoices the service in the amount of €25.

“Terms are shorter in Orne”

This case began in June 2018, when the gendarmerie Fr Gacé (Orne) is the beneficiary of several proceedings for vehicles registered in duplicate (several vehicles with the same registration). Initial investigation revealed that several of these vehicles were registered to the accused, a company manager SAS Advantage Auto based in Gacé. At this address, gendarmes will also notice that there is no company there. He learns that La Poste has been instructed to return all mail to the address Pierrefitte-sur-Seine (Seine St Denis).

“Why did you choose to live in Orne and not elsewhere? the president asks.

Since everything went well in Orne, the deadlines are shorter and there are no difficulties.


He will also admit to falsifying an EDF invoice for his registration at Orne Commercial Court.

Similarly, the representative of the car registration service in the prefecture of Alençon also stated that he had doubts about the documents submitted by the defendant when applying for the registration of two vehicles. In his defense, he explains that when he submitted the two files to the prefecture of Alençon, one file was rejected and the other rejected without any explanation. “The situation seemed suspicious to me, I gave the file to the agent and asked him to send it to the gendarmerie.” It turned out that the identity card presented was one that had been reported stolen.

For him, as he constantly repeats at the beginning of every sentence, he got all the documents from the client who commissioned him to register the car.

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Already convicted of fraud

In addition, when the president asks him to explain why he did not admit the turnover, he will defend his accountant’s negligence. The prosecutor responded and then said she did not understand why the defendant did not want his accountant to testify in court today.

The prosecutor has clearly established that the charges against the defendant are well founded and asks the court to enter into the sentencing process. “This man’s activity is fraudulent and he has deceived the prefecture of Orne”. After noting that the defendant had recent convictions for organized gang fraud, money laundering and fraudulent embezzlement, the punitive order calls for a sentence of eighteen months in prison, with two years of probation suspended, with an obligation to adjust his residence and pay the outstanding amount to the state treasury in addition to a criminal fine of EUR 30,000 and a ban on company management for 20 years.

800 page file

From the outset of its submissions, the defense has emphasized extremely stringent requirements and is inconsistent with the elements contained in this extensive 800-page file. Point by point, he tries to prove that his client cannot be prosecuted.

Today’s debates did not make it possible to correct the shortcomings of this file, which deserved to be the subject of an investigation.


The verdict is in the consultation room and the decision will be made at a public hearing on October 18.

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