He swore.  Tour de France: "There are good and bad sides"explains Mayor Arbois

He swore. Tour de France: "There are good and bad sides"explains Mayor Arbois

For the second year in a row, the Tour de France will pass through the Jura in 2023. (© Voice of the Jura)

“I’m not going to tell you it’s bad news. I know that it allows for the wide dissemination of beautiful images of our territory, but it also causes great concern for small towns like ours, “says Valérie Depierre, mayor of Arbois, who learned only on the day of the announcement. The Tour de France peloton would pass through his city again in 2023. “Like last year, we really didn’t think we’d have it again. I thought it would spin a bit. »

A question of resources

If completing the Tour de France is a celebration, it’s also a small challenge for small towns that can cause headaches.

“The organization of the Tour de France is well established, in terms of security, for example, we receive all the support we need from the gendarmerie. But there are still a number of tasks that must be carried out by the municipality’s workers. The entire preparation against the current. Last year, for example, we had to go around neighboring villages to find barriers that we lacked. And I don’t know how we’re going to be in 2023.”

Valerie DepierreMayor Arbois

Energy-intensive work that requires overtime of municipal employees and recuperation of working time, which entails costs for the municipality. “It doesn’t help us cover those costs. And then I have a team that makes sure not to hold the mayor accountable, that’s it a lot of stress for employees preparing to pass through the peloton”, notes Valérie Depierre.

The question of impact

If Mayor Arbois does not question the interest of the event in promoting the Jura area, she admits certain doubts about the effects on the economy of her municipality.

“Last year the stage was run on July 21, on this day our restaurateurs and our hoteliers have a lot of visitors anyway. And then, when I talked to the merchants in the city, I didn’t feel that the passage of the Tour has caused an increase in activity.”

Valerie DepierreMayor Arbois

A question of timing

Apart from these considerations, the 2023 Tour de France takes place in Arbois’ already busy calendar. Organizations of energy-absorbing events for the municipality follow each other.

“Last year there was the Tour de France, then in April 2023 we are hosting the Tour du Jura before the Tour de France in July. And in 2024 it is announced that we will host the Percée du Vin Jaune. The sequence of all these complicated events to organize will put a strain on our community.”

Valerie DepierreMayor Arbois

Despite these limitations, there is no doubt that Mayor Arbois would regret the passage of the Tour de France.

“Passing the Tour de France is a popular event that is highly appreciated by the residents. There are many cycling enthusiasts in our region who are waiting for this kind of event. We can therefore be happy, but we must be transparent: there are good and bad sides to the Tour de France.”

Valerie DepierreMayor Arbois


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