He shoots his “too noisy” neighbors in the middle of the night in Compiègne

He shoots his “too noisy” neighbors in the middle of the night in Compiègne

A 66-year-old man living in the Clos-des-Roses district fired four shots at his neighbors’ doors. (© Adobe Stock)

Living in an apartment building is often not easy, especially when one of your neighbors is fixing furniture at 6 in the morning or watching a movie on the loudspeaker after midnight. Resident Compiegne (Oise) flew out on the night of Monday 24th to Tuesday 25th October against his building neighbors in the district Clos-des-Rosesaround one in the morning.

The sixty-six-year-old shot four times to the door of the apartment next door, with a gun. Inside were two new arrivals from Afghanistan wounded by a shot of ammunitionsmall balls of lead.

“Exceeded by its neighbors”

The police, the anti-crime brigade of Compiègne and Creil quickly went to the scene and arrested the author of the footage.

He was placed in police custody and explained that he was overwhelmed by the noise of his neighbors. These residents of Afghan nationality, who arrived here a few months ago, do not speak French fluently. “Dialogue was interrupted,” police said.

One of the two injured was operated onwhile shrapnel was observed in his body.

There is no Frenchman anymore, they are all gone

A resident of the Clos-des-Roses districtStatement by the Court of Compiègne, Thursday, October 27

Deferred adjudication

On Thursday, October 27, the 66-year-old man was brought before a judge who immediately appeared at the court in Compiègne. The four Afghans sitting on the bench of the civil parties do not speak French, it was a case fired at a “later hearing”.

A psychiatric examination of the author will be carried out. The man was in custody.

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If the term of attempted murder is also included in the indictment, the author of the four shots faces up to 30 years in prison.

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