He hits out at his ex, whom he calls a “demon” in Tréport

He hits out at his ex, whom he calls a “demon” in Tréport

A new case of violence was heard before the criminal court in Dieppe (Seine-Maritime). (© Les Informations Dieppoises)

” It is toxic woman, it’s a demonI’m sure it’s aimed at me.”

Young man in impressive figure who is facing a criminal court Dieppe in the context of the immediate performance, he is talkative, backs up his statements with grandiose gestures, and practically positions himself as a victim. On September 15, shortly before midnight, his former companion in the theater makes a new argument against him Treport (Seine-Maritime).

Already violence in 2021

The man was already convicted in 2021 for violent acts against this woman.

But it seems that it was the young woman who tried to lift the no-contact order at the end of the man’s imprisonment. ” We have they tried to rebuild story but I didn’t feel well. I went to live with my mother.

He sees his former companion anyway and she tells him she would be pregnant with himwhich turns out to be false.

On September 15, 2022, a man is at his ex-partner’s house.

Both consumed a lot of alcohol and a new argument breaks out: “She saw a message from a woman on my phone and snapped out of it”.

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The victim’s daughter alerts the police

His companion’s daughter calls the gendarmes, indicating his stepfather strangles his mother.

The woman first explains to the gendarmes that she loves the man and that he was not violent, before later stating that she is actually being harassed, that she fears retaliation, and that she was only really quiet when he was imprisoned.

“I never want to see her again”

She is not present in court to clarify which version is correct.

Meanwhile, the man doesn’t budge, hinting that he’s not the first to undergo the character of his companion: “It’s over, I never want to see her again in my life.”

For the representative of the public prosecutor’s office, the defendant’s criminal record rather shows that the postponement of the probationary period has no effect on him.

He is asking for a 10-month prison sentence, as well as the cancellation of a previous 4-month suspended sentence, and he is asking to continue in custody: “There is no element that allows me to be safe in relation to the defendant’s conduct. and risk of recurrence is too important’.

Me Lebourg, the defendant’s lawyer, regrets that the victim could not be subjected to a psychological expertise and asks that the sentence be related to the recognized facts, namely the slap: “you must not go to -of”.

For the court, violence is characterized and he decides to release the man behind the bars for a period of 4 months, to which another 4 months are added due to the revocation of the previous suspension. Pronounces a ban on contact and going to the victim’s home for 2 years.

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