He breaks into his ex-girlfriend’s house near Caen

He breaks into his ex-girlfriend’s house near Caen

A 55-year-old man was sentenced on Tuesday, October 25, 2022, for forcing his way into the house of his former partner in Blainville-sur-Orne, near Caen (Calvados). ©Pixabay/Illustration

For six years, Ali* and Stéphanie* were a couple and lived in Blainville-sur-Orneclose to Caen (Calvados). Then comes their separation at the initiative of Stéphanie, at the end of 2021. Friday, February 4, 2022, three months after the end of their life together, a man would enter the house of his former companion by force and present evidence of violence against her son. He was arraigned on Tuesday, October 25, for home invasion, violence against minors and making death threats.

Protests then half-hearted confessions

At the helm, Ali initially disputed everything his ex-girlfriend said in her complaint. The 55-year-old man has already told the gendarmes that in the face of Stéphanie’s resistance he did not cross the threshold of his door. Only this one, expecting his arrival because he had warned her during the day, activated the recording function of his cell phone. Several times we hear him rebelling: “You will not enter! » and he « Yes! We need to talk, you have no choice, I’m home anyway! “. “It’s true that I’m at home, I have my things there!”, he starts to hear.

He was also accused of brutally pushing Stephanie’s teenage son away, causing him to fall and injure his elbow. So Ali presents another version. “Yes, I went in, but his son was in his room. Then another: “she was the one who hit me and her son wanted to hit me too, I just pushed him away but he didn’t fall”.

There was also a death threat. Ali sent Stephanie a newspaper article about the murders of women via MMS. She also complained about her former partner’s presence at her workplace and his refusal to let her start a new life. “You’re still my wife,” he told her.

Suspended prison sentence

With regard to the defendant’s legal situation, the man of Algerian nationality was, together with other people, involved in the business of sham marriages.

The court eventually acquitted Ali of the “recorded death threats” but found him guilty of the rest. He receives a five-month suspended prison sentence and will have to pay Stéphanie and her son a total of 800 euros in moral damages, as well as 600 euros in administrative costs.

*Assumed names

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