Handball.  Alençon-Saint-Germain deal: Maggy Robard, life with the ball

Handball. Alençon-Saint-Germain deal: Maggy Robard, life with the ball

The player currently plays in Women’s Excellence with her club EASG. ©EASG

She discovered handball in college, but didn’t get into it until later. And for good reason, she had other dreams, more aesthetic, more harmonious, one might say.

at 39, Maggy Robard was the centerpiece Alençon-Saint-Germain Agreement (Orne), Resident Excellence.

She knew the French team

The prefectural club has found a fighter with its number 11, a fighter who does not give up. Both on and off the pitch. “I have only been playing handball since I was 17 years old. Before that, I did rhythmic and sport gymnastics (GRS), but at a very high level, between the ages of 9 and 17, “the mother of two books.

During these eight years, the girl bound the figures on the central carpet of the room, the acrobatic figures on the apparatus.

“I almost made the French team! For that it would have been necessary to go to the Orléans espoir Pôle, but I was 12 or 13 years old, it was necessary to leave my parents and I was not ready there. »

Maggy Robard, Entente Alençon-Saint-Germain player

A turning point that marked the end of her high-level adventure in her favorite sport. However, the young athlete had dreams running through her head: “I trained with the girls I sent to the room! »

Mutations in Sartha

For Maggy Robard, the hand signaled the beginning of a a new sports story. “I started at Rezé and then at Bouguenais, two clubs on the outskirts of Nantes. Then I played in the NLA, the women’s section of HB Nantes. »

But why did this woman from Nantes wear the black Entente jersey? “I passed the school teacher recruitment (CRPE) and was appointed in Sarthe. After asking for a transfer for 10 years, I stopped and settled down. »

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One day on the court “I was talking to a colleague in La Fresnay-sur-Chédouet about wanting to play handball again,” she introduces.

“I hesitated between Alençon and Mamers. She talked about it with Valérie Galienne who played in Alençon and who had her daughter in my middle class! I spent 14 years there, in La Fresnay. That’s when Valérie told me: ‘Come to training in the evening, you’ll see! »

Maggy Robard

“Always so much fun to play”

And love at first sight worked! 39 year old player just started its fifteenth season under the prefectural colors. So, around a banal discussion between colleagues, the fate of who is currently the headmaster of the school in Arçonnay has changed.

Those who live for the hand and the Entente like it! His credo? “I still enjoy playing the game. And it doesn’t matter with whom. As long as there is a team atmosphere! It’s good this season, because there is heterogeneity in age, it’s very pleasant! »

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