Guingamp: Place du Centre, the heart of the city, increasingly attractive

Guingamp: Place du Centre, the heart of the city, increasingly attractive

Place du Centre, Saturday morning, October 8, market day. A moment appreciated by many Guingamp people who come to walk, shop or have a coffee on the terrace. ©Fanch LE PIVERT

Four years after his renovation, central square of Guingamp (Cotes-d’Armor) demonstrates good health. It is commercially attractive, it shows the rich heritage and confirmed his status as the heart of the city where it is good to walk and have fun.

These were the goals of the city when starting its rehabilitation. The bet won.

At the end of the summer of 2018, a few weeks before the end of the work on the Place du Centre, the mayor Philippe Le Goff expressed his opinion on this future heart of the city. “The bet is to see the entire series terracesthat people meet there, look up to admire the facades, that children have fun with the water jets,” he said at the time.

Tapas bar-restaurant in anticipation

In four years, the Place du Center has grown. She won two new ones terraces, with the opening of the wine bar Le Petit Monsieur and the creperie Breton Embassy. Another is pending, and tapas restaurant and barinstead of the Plassart jewelry store (next to the Grand Café).

The square will then have seven terraces, five of which will be aligned with the rue Kerfant pedestrian zone. “I’m amazed at the speed with which it happened, I was betting on more around ten years,” Philippe Le Goff appreciates today.

These terraces enhance the attractiveness of the square, which should be a place where you come to have a drink or a meal. I think people need it to find each other, to intersect, to meet

Philippe Le Goff

Another goal of the renovation of the Place du Center was the enhancement of the built heritage. Fewer trees make it possible to appreciate the alignment and variety of facades of different periods, from the Middle Ages to the XX century.E century.

The crash and then the renovation of a new half-timbered house, called Maison Gousset (after its owner), gave fate an impetus. “This house is a jewel,” said the mayor of Guingamp. “It’s a really pleasant surprise with this renovation of the square, it’s also a plus for the city of Guingamp. »

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Two large real estate projects

In the short and medium term, the square will be further embellished by two large real estate projects on both sides of Maison Gousset and its two half-timbered neighbors.

The first ensures the renovation of the large building above the Carrefour City and Beauty Success stores, carried out by Guingamp Habitat. “The start of construction is near,” announces Philippe Le Goff.

In a year, the next renovation will concern number 37 of this rue Edouard-Ollivro. The building in danger, lined for several months, will be remodeled, still under the auspices of a social landlord.

In recent years, several projects have been implemented on private facades around the square. I think the owners have realized that there is a need to maintain their property, that they can get help as well. Effort has been made and it’s good

Philippe Le Goff

The Place du Center proved to be a meeting place. “It is a place with great commercial vitality, which is appreciated by the residents of Guingamp, but also appreciated by visitors. The renovation allowed it to confirm all its functions as a central square,” thinks Philippe Le Goff.

And the adjacent Place de la République

The mayor continued: “The idea was also to bring the water closer to the children by creating jets and water mirrors. Today, on sunny days, I regularly see children playing with these elements and eventually making the place their own. »

The neighboring Place de la République was also recently renovated as a follow-up. On this, the monumental statue of Sitis is already a celebrity. Three new trees will soon beautify the grounds until a new restaurant opens on the site of the Center’s former garages.

This also contributes to the dynamism of the city center.

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