Grenoble.  This bar prevents residents from sleeping: "We are living hell on earth"

Grenoble. This bar prevents residents from sleeping: "We are living hell on earth"

Le Jardin Biergarten is located in the heart of an inner courtyard in the center of Grenoble. (©DR)

“It’s impossible to sleep anymore.” residents Grenoble city center they are exhausted from the installation of a bar terrace at the foot of their building. At the beginning of this month of October, the arrival of enthusiasts, which is synonymous with nightmares for local residents.

“I can’t sleep in my room anymore”

The month of October will not be easy for the residents of rue Thiers in Grenoble. Frédéric* introduces a clear observation: “It is hell on earth”. For this resident, who lives two doors down from the bar, the situation is already unsustainable, but it could be worse.

worse? The Biergarten terrace, a bar at the heart of the district’s tension, is located in an inner courtyard formed by a block of buildings. Thomas* lives in one of his buildings in this Championnet district of Grenoble.

My wife and I can no longer sleep in our room. We had to move into my daughter’s room, who is currently in college.

ThomasA resident who lives above the bar

The master bedroom, which overlooks the inner courtyard, cannot be used because the noise generated by this bar is so loud, “even with the windows closed,” adds Thomas. He entrusts himself News from Grenoble after talking to a person who just bought an apartment on the ground floor of his house, “he has the impression that he has a terrace in his apartment”.

“My wife, a nurse, sleeps four hours”

“Crying, vomit and urine.” This is how some local residents condemn their daily lives on social media. Thomas agrees: “The noise is very hard to bear, from the first day the bar opened we understood our pain.”

The terrace, formerly used as a parking lot, can accommodate more than 100 people. For Thomas, in his forties, “closing a bar at 2 a.m. in a neighborhood like this is unreasonable.”

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“My wife is a nurse, she gets up at 6 a.m. every morning, she sleeps very little,” sighs the Grenoble resident. In addition to the noise, residents contacted evoke the end of evenings interrupted by customers urinating and vomiting on the front door.

A group of residents riot

From Tuesday to Saturday, the music and shouting don’t stop until 2 am. The residents of this neighborhood are starting to band together. Frédéric and Thomas are part of the Whatsapp group that was created to start the procedures.

Steps with Grenoble Town Hall as the municipal services verify the petition.

I guess next summer we won’t be able to sleep with the windows open. The air conditioning will have to be put to sleep, it’s stupid in an ecological city.

ThomasResident of Rue Thiers

Thomas explains that the police have been contacted on numerous occasions. Contacted by the editors ofNews from Grenoblethe departmental directorate of public security has not registered any complaints to date.

A population group has tried to discuss with management du Jardin de Biergarten so far without success.

According to locals, there are almost 200 people on the terrace of the bar.
According to locals, there are almost 200 people on the terrace of the bar. (©DR)

Futile negotiations?

In the past few days, two residents of the neighborhood went to meet the management of this festive place. An exchange that will fail because residents say they “don’t want to discuss”.

“The entire neighborhood will turn against each other. Our goal is to maintain harmony in the district,” despairs Grenoblois.

The management of the bar did not want to answer our questions. Nevertheless, she wanted to clarify: “We commissioned an acoustic study in order to find out the reality of the impacts of our activity and subsequently implement technical solutions according to the results of the said study. To do this, we had to be open and with customers. These solutions are diverse and allow good results when needed”.

*Resident names have been changed

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