Greater Paris: residents of Île-de-France demand improved public transport

Greater Paris: residents of Île-de-France demand improved public transport

The Greater Paris project was launched twelve years ago by President Nicolas Sarkozy. (© CD / News Paris)

“What Great Paris do you want This is the subject of the last one Ifop poll entered by notaries of Greater Paris in cooperation with Gallery and BFM Pariswhose results were published on Tuesday, September 20, 2022. The aim of this survey was to “understand the perspective of the inhabitants of Ile-de-France” on this project, which aims to transform the Paris agglomeration into a major global metropolis.

Improving transport is a priority

For this survey 1,503 inhabitants of Ile-de-France aged 18 and over were interviewed between 29 August and 7 September 2022. In general, 61% respondents says ” optimists » regarding the impact of the successes of the Metropolis of Greater Paris projects on their personal situation. However, compared to a similar study conducted in 2018, this is seven points less.

The people of Ile-de-France expect a lot when it comes to “improvement of traffic conditions”. For 63% from surveys, that is preference of the Grand Paris project, it is even 11 points more than in 2018. “This very topic is cited as the first condition for positive change in the Paris region within 30 years,” analyzes the study.

This goal must relate in particular to “the development of new metro and RER lines to improve the service of certain areas”, estimated 67% of the residents of Ile-de-France interviewed, and by “reducing transport costs” 52%.

Growing interest in the environment

The second priority most often cited by residents of Ile-de-France concerns “improving the quality of life of residents” (57%) and in third place is “action in favor of the environment” (37%). Environmental expectationsThis is also a growing concern, compared to 2018 it gained 19 points.

In this regard, “reducing the negative impact of transport on the environment” is in third place (45%) in terms of the goals of the Grand Paris project in terms of transport.

Finally, another major lesson from this survey is about thoughta massive exodus from Ile-de-France : 37% of respondents are candidates to leave the region, “a share very close to that measured in 2018 before the crisis”, the study says.

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