Grape seed oil: a chef’s tip that is good for your health

Grape seed oil: a chef’s tip that is good for your health

Grape seed oil is a vegetable oil. It is known for its benefits on the skin. Less greasy, it doesn’t change the taste of the food, that’s why it is loved by great chefs. It is also excellent for body and hair.

In the kitchen

Olive oil should be avoided in fried or sautéed dishes, as it reacts poorly to high temperatures. In contrast, grapeseed oil is lighter and enhances food.

Rich in vitamin E

A tablespoon of grapeseed oil contains twice as much vitamin E as the same amount of olive oil, according to Best Health Mag. Vitamin E is an essential antioxidant, helps balance blood cholesterol levels and improves the cardiovascular system. Grape seed oil is also said to have protective properties against toxins present in polluted air.

Against skin problems

If you have acne, grapeseed oil can do wonders for you. It has anti-inflammatory properties, helps reduce the production of sebum and moisturizes the skin. Apply on face. Don’t worry, it doesn’t leave a greasy film on your face and doesn’t clog pores.

For beautiful hair

Oil-based hair masks are also very good. Odorless and very rich in vitamin E, your hair will be hydrated, repaired and more resistant.

Against cholesterol

Grape seed oil is used in the prevention of cholesterol, atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis and most cardiovascular disorders. It contains unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids that help reduce the level of LDL cholesterol, the “bad” cholesterol in the blood. It can be used with sesame, linseed, perilla or hemp oil.

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