Gascony has a new superhero, Pépé Lescourège.  And that makes us laugh out loud!

Gascony has a new superhero, Pépé Lescourège. And that makes us laugh out loud!

In his palombière, Pépé Lescourège uses the breaks to read an old issue of Le Chasseur Français. (©The Republican)

Heavy plaid shirt. Pants pulled up to the belly. From clogs to berets, Pépé Lescourège smells of Gascony with a full nose. Pure and hard, despite the weight of years beginning to bend his back. He welcomes us in his palombière, lost in the forests of the southern Girondine Landes.

“Goodbye my dear! Come on, come on! He’s doing one of his tricks outside. Grandpa pulls an old handkerchief from his pocket and rubs his glasses.

“You did well,” he asks. Couillon, me with the C15, coming to the forest, that’s not a problem. But you, with your modern cars… Here, welcome to me! »

Pépé Lescourège is proud to present its palombière. He may be 89 years old, but the man came late in our lives. He has been posting his videos on social networks for a year. And we burst out laughing as we listened to him tell us about his very special bits of life.

This is because he is a great orator and talks about everything: love for the countryside, hunting in general, the wood pigeon in particular, but also cerklem, essential elements of our region…

Hey dumbass, the Circle is my second home, even my first when Jeannine is in the lottery…

Grandfather Lescourege

Over the months and publications, Pépé Lescourège became a Facebook star where is nearly 11,000 people followed. Here he became the standard-bearer of the Gascons and their values. He “things”, “tricks” like the Smurfs smurf. Hellish character, not far from a good “gasconade” Sometimes funny, sometimes biting.

“Mireille Mathieu came to my palombière”

Often disturbing but never cruel… Pépé Lescourège touches our hearts becauseit reminds us of the elders who inhabited our villages, who lived simply and loved to share their passion. A hunter with a big heart, an unconditional lover of Mireille Mathieu. “She came to my palombière once,” he says. As did the Queen of England in 1956. “She didn’t walk the halls with a hat on her head! »

Videos: currently on Actu

And guess what? On Saturday, September 24, he will have the great honor of being Pépé Lescourège inducted into the brotherhood of paloumayres de Bazas. A great moment for this ardent defender of traditional hunting. But before the dissolute octogenarian goes into town, he makes certain arrangements: “I hope Jeannine doesn’t wear a checkered apron to go to the square with the cathedral. »

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