Futsal: Hermine FC to win, FC Saint-Bugan Loudéac to win at the end of the match

Futsal: Hermine FC to win, FC Saint-Bugan Loudéac to win at the end of the match

Julian Desanaux made a break before half time. © Independent Courier

For the first match in its history, the new futsal club o CrazyI’Hermine FC, played in the dimly lit Fairgrounds gymnasium. The ball is less visible, but not impossible to play.

The proof is the first goal of the match against Plouguernevelwritten from the first seconds by the user Goulwen Urvoix (a total of four goals in the match). The Black and Whites wanted to hit hard and suffocate the opponent. It was more or less the case in the first five minutes, especially with the breaks the home team made.

Goulwen Urvoix was on fire tonight.
Goulwen Urvoix was on fire tonight. © Independent Courier

After that, Plouguistes had control of the ball. They started getting chances. But the neo-human porter, Mathias Pierrot (originating from Gironde, who appeared a few times in R1 futsal) guarded the grain. Until the visitors reduced the score. This allowed them to gain momentum despite Hermine FC’s counter-attacks. In the end, the evening yellow equalized.

What woke the man from Fabrice Le PriollikeErwan Urvoix who scored just after 2-2 from individual action that he likes. Then Julian Desanaux, the latest to arrive at this new club, made it 4-2 at half-time.

In the second half, Chernobyl completely unraveled and scored four more goals: 8-2, the final score. Corentin Tachon and Hugo Jouan (a new futsal player playing in the fledgling Uzel-Merléac) also scored.

Hugo Jouan scored a goal in his first futsal match.
Hugo Jouan scored a goal in his first futsal match. © Independent Courier

Defeat for FC Saint-Bugan despite solidarity

At the same time, in a slightly brighter room at Rocade Saint Bugan FC he received Futsal Saint Brieuc. In the first period, the home players, who did not know each other well, led by 3 goals to 1.

Erwan Dolo scored twice tonight.
Erwan Dolo scored twice tonight. © Independent Courier

In the second half, Buganese solidarity got priority over the visitors. Erwan Dolo previously lowered the score Killian Launay (of Kergrist) settled. With tongs, the Loudéaciens used thanks Enzo Martin. Then, Erwan Dolo came out of his double: Saint-Bugan then won 5:3.

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Enzo Martin gave the advantage to Buganese.
Enzo Martin gave the advantage to Buganese. © Independent Courier

But the Briochins recovered, showing that each of them knew each other. local administrator, Corentin Aubron, made several parades. In the end, he had to give way to the visiting team four times: 7:5, the final score for Saint-Brieuc Futsal.

Plessaliens won tonight.
Plessaliens won tonight. © Independent Courier

As a reminder, in R2, Loudeac CSO played on CPB Brequigny in reindeer while CS Merdrignac he received Cadets of Brittany.

In D1, Plessal won 6-4 against Stade Briochin reserve.

In D2, Ice CF played against Lanrodec Celtics. This Friday, September 23, 2022 se Barnabean Futsal Club welcome Guingamp.

Other matches in R2: Loudéac OSC – Liffré, CPB Bréquigny – Merdrignac. In D1: Guingamp -Hermine FC, Stde Briochin B – Saint-Barnabé, Trémuson – Saint-Bugan, Plessala are excluded. In D2: Plélo B – Mené FC, Loudéac OSC B – Guingamp B, Futsal Club Barnabéen B exception.

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