Fuel rebate: what we know about the big wheeler to replace it

Fuel rebate: what we know about the big wheeler to replace it

The fuel discount is due to end at the end of December 2022. (©Illustration/Le Courrier du Pays de Retz)

Targeted help for big wheels. The facility has been on the cards for several months and Emmanuel Macron has promised it will be rolled out soon. This Thursday, October 27, 2022, the Minister of Public Accounts, Gabriel Attal, detailed this measure, which will replace the current fuel discount.

Why the end of the discount?

“The discount is very expensive, the minister indicated to his colleagues from Information about France. We’ll have to find the money somewhere. I don’t want to raise taxes and duties on the French. »

The introduction of this support in the amount of several tens of euro cents per liter of fuel will cost the country 7.5 billion euros for the entire year 2022. Ministry of Economy.

Costs that the government definitely wants to reduce by proposing a new mechanism: “The president talked about ‘big bikes’, I also talk about ‘big workers’ because they aim to support those who work.” In other words, those who have no other option but to drive to work will be affected.

What criteria must be met?

You will need to meet three criteria: you will need to work (“declare your income to the tax authorities”), have a car (“gray card number”) and have a certain level of income.

The government did not give exact numbers, but Gabriel Attal mentions “half of those who work, or 11 million people who will be able to benefit”.

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for what amount?

“In the budget, I have planned an envelope of approximately 1-1.5 billion euros,” insists Gabriel Attal. This is what the device will cost, maybe a little less, maybe a little more. However, the executive did not specify the amount that motorists will receive.

If we divide by the number of potential beneficiaries, we get to the range of 90 to 140 euros. Will this amount be paid all at once or in several installments? Again, this point was not detailed.

How to benefit from it?

The Minister of Public Accounts promises a very easy-to-access interface:

It will be a very simple website: you enter your tax electronic registration number, your car registration number, the file will cross it all out and you will get help in a few days.

Gabriel AttalMinister for Public Accounts

When will it be implemented?

Under normal circumstances, this facility should take the fuel discount that ends on December 31st. So the beginning of January 2023.

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