From Thread to Needle, Jacky Leclancher’s first novel in Putanges

From Thread to Needle, Jacky Leclancher’s first novel in Putanges

Jacky Leclancher signing at the tourist office. © Le Journal de l’Orne

On Thursday, October 20, 2022, Jacky Leclancher signed his first novel From one thing to another in the premises of the Pays de Putanges tourist office, vdecorates.

Teacher Jacky Leclancher, then a teacher trainer at ESPE at the University of Caen at the end of his career, is now retired and intends to continue writing.

He shares his life between the Pays de Putanges and Wales.

A patchwork metaphor

“I always dreamed of writing this novel. It is a metaphor with patchwork“, reveals the author who presents his work: “The story follows two characters from two different generations who are going to build on each other.

The elements that shape their lives come together like a patchwork”.

If the background of the novel is a metaphor for patchwork, the form of the novel is one, “the illustration on the cover of this book is a patchwork made by my wife,” the writer shows with the book in hand.

And he adds: “On the back, the presentation is made on a half-torn piece of cloth: it is the nature of life. Nothing is cut straight, clear and clean”.

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Everything happens with uncertainties and threads that run from right to left.

By Jacky Leclancher

The moral that sums up the story of the novel is “there are all these ideas that circulate in this story of characters who are unique like all of us”.

Jacky Leclancher, satisfied with his first book, is already planning to publish “another book for sure in 2023, it will not be a sequel, but a supplement, written in the same line with the other characters”.


Gabrielle spent her childhood and youth in Le Havre. In 1940, she fled the city under bombardment and settled in Lower Normandy with her father and niece.

She is a seamstress and rebuilds her life with her friends, also evacuees, her radio, her records and her poetry.

Twenty years later, his great-nephew André weaves his life together with the threads given to him by those around him, including Gabrielle.

Individual and personal experiences that help shape our collective history.

Meeting the author at the Advent market on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 November in Putanges. From one thing to anotherby Jacky Leclancher, available to order from bookstores and beyond Internet.

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